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‘Dolphins of Greece’ | Exclusive Print With the Ionian Environment Foundation

LOVE BRAND & Co. unites with the Ionian Environment Foundation, to support the critically endangered short-beaked common dolphins of the Ionian region.

Short-beaked common dolphin leaping out of water

At Love Brand, we’re proud to announce the launch of our captivating new print ‘Dolphins of Greece’, in support of the Ionian Environment Foundation. This partnership champions a cause close to our hearts, supporting the conservation efforts for the critically endangered short-beaked common dolphins of the Ionian region. The exclusive design is a testament to the beauty of the local dolphins and aims to raise vital funds and awareness for these mesmerising marine creatures. Embark on a journey of discovery as we dive into the azure depths of the Ionian Sea, where the enchanting short-beaked common dolphins reside…

“Through the visionary efforts of the IEF in dolphin preservation, we witness the power of dedicated action for marine wildlife. Our partnership with them and Dr. Simon is a testament to the strength of united commitments, enhancing our collective endeavour to protect and cherish the ocean's treasures.”

- Niccolò Marchiori, Love Brand Head of Marketing

Short-beaked common dolphins

The Dolphin Project

Once the most common dolphin species in Greece, the short-beaked common dolphins are sadly not so easily found in the wild today. This is primarily down to factors including habitat degradation, accidental entanglement in fishing gear, and the collapse of sardines, the dolphins’ main prey, due to overfishing.

The Dolphin Project, supported by Love Brand, aims to shed light on the issues faced by the short-beaked common dolphins of the Ionian. By raising awareness and funding for grassroots marine projects in the Ionian, the Dolphin Project is forging a path to mitigate risks and safeguard the future of these iconic marine mammals.

In partnership with the Ionian Environment Foundation (IEF), Love Brand is thrilled to dive into initiatives that celebrate marine life, safeguard habitats, and promote sustainable living. The Dolphin Project is all about rallying together to keep the Ionian sparkling and vibrant, guaranteeing a thriving playground of wonder for years to come.

Sailing boat on Ionian Islands

Charting New Waters

Not only is the Ionian Dolphin Project shedding light on the pressing threats to the short-beaked common dolphin, but it's also nurturing awareness within the burgeoning realm of sailing holidays. 

This is done both in terms of providing clear guidelines to sailors to minimise disturbance on marine life, and also by providing the tools to allow sailors to contribute meaningfully to the data collection.

Every observation, every measurement, becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of knowledge, painting a brighter future for the short-beaked common dolphin who call the Ionian islands home.

Guided by the gentle wisdom of the Ionian Dolphin Project, sailors are equipped with more than just navigational charts; they carry within them a profound responsibility to tread lightly upon the ocean.

Left image courtesy of Yanpy

Leaping short-beaked common dolphins

Short-Beaked Common Dolphins of the Ionian

One of the most beautiful creatures of the Mediterranean Sea, short-beaked common dolphins are unmistakable thanks to their distinctive creamy yellow hourglass pattern. They’re a highly social species with boundless acrobatic energy, characterised by their showstopping leaps out of the water. 

They have been known to jump clear of the water, flip end-over-end, and somersault in the air! The dolphin’s playful gravity-defying displays can sometimes be seen from several kilometres away. From afar, their playful displays dance upon the horizon, a tantalising invitation to witness nature's grandeur in full bloom.

Dolphins of Greece print

'Dolphins of Greece' Print

New for summer 24 our 'Dolphins of Greece' print takes inspiration from the tender moment of a dolphin calf's birth, where the entire pod keeps guard as the mother assists her pup to the surface for its first breath. Designed by Love Brand founder, Oliver Tomalin, it symbolises the beauty and fragility of marine life.

The print is available in men’s linen shirts, as well as matching father and son swim shorts. Funds raised through the sale of these garments will directly support the Ionian Environment Foundation (IEF) and its dolphin conservation efforts.

Dolphins of Greece event showing Love Brand co-founder Oliver
Dolphins of Greece event, Love Brand co-founder Oliver and Head of Marketing Niccolo
Guests at Love Brand's Dolphins of Greece event

Dolphins of Greece Celebrations

Last week, we gathered together with the IEF, Salt Water and the Villa Collective to celebrate this incredible partnership. Friends and key industry figures came together to honour the launch and hear Dr. Simon enlighten us with more details about the dolphins of the Ionian region.


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