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Mastering the Unstructured Summer Suit

What are the benefits of wearing an unstructured linen jacket and how can you style this ultimate travel companion?

Embrace the allure of the summer season and exude effortless style with our unstructured linen suit. Linen is the perfect fabric for warm weather - it’s lightweight and breathable. But why not go a step further and enjoy the comfort and benefits of an unstructured linen suit?

What is an unstructured linen jacket?

Lightweight to wear and light to pack, an unstructured linen jacket is the ultimate discerning traveller companion. It’s technically a suit jacket where the shape-forming components and shoulder padding of the jacket have been removed. As it’s more rounded, less heavy and has a free-flowing look, unstructured linen jackets are inherently less formal. The Duke of Windsor was one of the first notable figures to wear the unstructured jacket and showed the world an elusive, elegant yet casual look, somehow in tune with the chic summer environment. The Love Brand unstructured men’s linen jacket is the epitome of laid-back luxury. 

When to wear an unstructured linen jacket?

The unstructured linen jacket is as chic as it is comfortable, practical and versatile. It’s best worn in warm climates and perfect for the tasteful globe-trotter. Although you wouldn’t want to sport one to an overly formal event or business meeting—depending on your line of work that is—it would shine almost everywhere else. The unstructured linen suit is ideal for an impromptu cocktail party but less suitable for summer weddings and more formal occasions, where a traditional suit delivers the extra finesse required. 

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How to dress an unstructured linen suit

We’ve got everything you need to put together the perfect timeless summer look. Pair our unstructured linen jacket with our mens linen trousers and our luxury linen shirts or dress down with one of our organic cotton T-shirts. To complete a relaxed summer look, espadrilles are your best friend. They’re perfect for packing light and wearing whether you’re popping to the shops in Santorini or sipping a Singapore Sling in Sentosa. 

The beauty of the unstructured men’s linen jacket is that you can dress it up with a shirt or down with a t-shirt and jeans, or even roll up the cuffs and embrace the rugged crinkles with messed up lapels. Fashion legends Paul Newman and James Dean loved this rugged and laid-back look when wearing unstructured jackets.

How to style a linen suit

In need of outfit inspiration? We've put together three looks to help you create the perfect linen suit, no matter the occasion.

Linen Suit Style Inspiration
Linen Suit Style Inspiration
Linen Suit Style Inspiration
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Is 100% linen better than cotton?

Both are great, sustainable fabric choices but linen does have some advantages. It’s on average 30% stronger than cotton and also dries much faster. The breathability of cotton also varies depending on its weave. Thicker, canvas and denim weaves are less breathable. In contrast, linen's long, hollow fibres allow for excellent air circulation, ensuring you stay cool and fresh even on the hottest days. But overall the two eco-friendly fabrics have similar properties and are both great choices for wearing in warm climates.

What is the best colour for a linen suit?

Choosing the perfect hue for your linens really depends on the occasion. For those laid-back summer soirées, light tones are perfect. Our Stone linen shade is reminiscent of sun-kissed warm sands, and our pure White is akin to billowing clouds, or why not try our Sky Blue that mirrors serene summer skies? When in town or out for the evening, there are our timeless Navy and Green hues, evoking the charming coast of the Riviera. Whichever colour you choose, our breathable and effortlessly chic ‘Nassau' unstructured men’s linen jacket paired with our 'Randall' linen trousers is your dependable and sophisticated wardrobe to look and keep cool on balmy summer days. 

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