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Helping Dulu | Back to School

School children visited by Dulu
At Love Brand, we are so passionate about our project ‘Helping Dulu’ which aims to reduce the human-elephant conflict (HEC) in Assam, India. HEC is a hugely concerning threat to both elephants and people in North-East India, and it is crucial that we minimise the amount of casualties that occur as a result. With displaced elephants having to cross farmland and villages in search of food, the relationship between local people and elephants has become damaged and defective.
Dulu and the younger generation

Future Generations

We are so proud to be working with our wonderful charity partner, Elephant Family, and Dulu, award-winning elephant conservationist, to help create an environment where both elephants and humans can thrive. Over the past month, Dulu has focused his attention on educating younger generations on the cause and effect of HEC. It is vital that the children are aware of the solutions that can be implemented over time to minimise this threat.

With the children returning back to school after the long hot summer break, the series of HEC Awareness Camps have resumed. Dulu has visited nine schools during the month of August. His engaging demeanour and ability to connect and interact with the pupils is nothing short of inspiring.

Through photography competitions, exhibitions and quizzes, the children have been exposed to the severity of HEC. The children have been presented with photographs of elephants and the threats towards them, which helps sensitise them to the challenges of conservation in the region. Dulu continues to educate the pupils, sharing with them ways to be safe around elephants; and also motivating them with his passion as a foundation to encourage these future generations to understand the importance of this magnificent species.

The progress that this project has made in educating and creating a buzz around the awareness of HEC is fantastic, and we are so inspired by Dulu’s continued work, and his dedication to the cause.


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