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Hotel Joaquin, Laguna Beach | California

Hotel Joaquin, Laguna Beach | California

Located on the coast of California, Hotel Joaquin is a retreat for those looking to re-energise and soothe the soul. Read on to explore the luxury of Laguna…


South of metropolitan Los Angeles, along the curved coast of California sits the city of Laguna Beach. A truly beautiful part of the West Coast, and a city that really focuses on the protection of the environment; about 6 miles of the Laguna Beach coastline is specifically protected by the Marine Reserve. Laguna Beach is a city that is passionate about the planet, its surrounding landscape has been transformed into designated national parks, it endorses the use of bicycles; and the city bans plastic bags and plastic bottles (Music to our ears!) Laguna Beach is a city with heart and a city with spirit.
Hotel Joaquin Laguna Beach California
Sitting pretty above Shaw’s Cove, this boutique is just another treasure on the Pacific coastline. As you may have guessed from its name, Hotel Joaquin draws much of its design from the Spanish heritage that is woven into the environment it resides on. With such a close proximity to the Mexican border, this hotel embraces the culture and truly celebrates the history of the South-West Coast.


Located in the grid like structure of the city, this lodge is so individual in its character; each room (of which there are 22) are each so different from the next, each decorated with one-of-a-kind pieces but all of which work into each other like a perfect puzzle. The surfaces and the colour palette are like breaths of air from the coast, sweepingly soft and enigmatically minimalist. Wood being the central material in this hotel, sturdy and strong, is the fundamental pillar of the design, an earthy texture that is the basis of the hotels DNA, bringing guests back to nature.

Hotel Joaquin Laguna Beach California

The laid-back spaces of Hotel Joaquin invite guests to disconnect from stress, to embrace the fresh and calming design found in wall sculptures, bar stools and rugs. Our room had a delightfully retro record player on the side table, with a selection of records tucked away behind, and we of course couldn't resist switching it on as we watched the sunset, bopping away to a little Marley before we headed out to dinner. It was details like this that engaged us so, that made us feel at home when of course we were 5,451 miles away from our beloved (but grey) London.

Hotel Joaquin Laguna Beach California

A swim bag is placed on the wall, in white letters it says “Swim A While” and oh we did. Dipping into the off-angled pool was a heavenly escape from the Californian heat. You get the sense that Hotel Joaquin wants you to stay, they embrace each traveler that passes through their doors, inviting them to just be. A true slice of laid-back luxury. The blooming outdoor space is busy with plants, each one casting dappled shadows onto the shiplapped exterior.


The hotel used to be know as The Motor Inn, a motel that soon feel into neglect. But after a couple of years of hard core renovation which began in 2016, this hotel has sprung back to life. This seaside sanctuary is something truly special, designed by Studio Robert Mckinley, Hotel Joaquin takes St. Barths as inspiration and embraces beach culture like no other. It redefines coastal living, playing with the beauty of light and the beauty of space. Stripping luxury back to purely the essentials.

Hotel Joaquin Laguna Beach California

The Saline Kitchen is its in-house French-Mediterranean restaurant that hails the salty nature of an ocean breeze. The chic kitchen prepares crab like no other, (Dare we say it, maybe better than Marylands East Coast crab) and the bar whisks out cocktail after cocktail, fruity and sweet they are poolside warriors, barely anyone sits underneath the hotels palm trees without a Mojito in hand. Saline is supremely eco-friendly and all single-use plastics have been banned from this new go-to beach hangout.

Hotel Joaquin Laguna Beach California

Hotel Joaquin has so much Californian soul, and so much Mediterranean magic, it is a one-of-a-kind boutique. Pop here when cruising the perfect Pacific coast and rediscover your love of ocean air. Having opened this autumn, this hotel is a spectacular place for those looking for something new.

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