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Happiness on Hiriketiya

Hiriketiya beach
Located just South of India, Sri Lanka is a place of rich history and vibrant culture. With over 1,300km of tropical coastline, there are plenty of golden beaches just waiting to be explored, and Hiriketiya Beach is one of our favourites. 
Hiriketiya Beach Sri Lanka
Image courtesy of Travel Leap

In Pursuit of Sunshine

Situated on the Southern coast of Sri Lanka, approximately an hour's drive from the historic city of Galle sits this beautifully sheltered cove. In an almost perfect horse-shoe shape, Hiriketiya is an ideal location to embrace the island experience. The journey to this beach is a relative trek, so prepare to endure a ‘bumpy’ expedition as you wind down rocky tracks and small roads in pursuit of paradise.

Morning Yoga

Arrive at this spot early in the golden mornings and watch the sunrise in the sky as you unfold your yoga mat on the warm sand, or pop up to Salt House and take a yoga class in their peaceful elevated studio that sits up in the tree tops, boasting extensive views of the beach. There is no better way to spend the first glowing hours of the day, admiring the view and having a peace-loving stretch.
Hiriketiya Beach Sri Lanka
Image courtesy of the Common Wanderer
Once you are feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, you can head down to the many little juice bars that settle on this beach; each one offering up a fresh swell of natural fruit juices. The instinctive rhythm of Hiriketiya is laid-back and relaxed, time seems to cease to exist, only the rushing cadence of the surf keeping an eye on moving moments.
Surf's Up!
Afternoons at Hiriketiya are ideal for those looking to catch the perfect waves that roll in from the Indian Ocean. Gather up your Love Brand Swim Shorts, along with your wetsuit, and head on out to carve your way into the dynamic waves that are yours to tame.
Hiriketiya Beach Sri Lanka
Image courtesy of Surf South Sri Lanka
And for the non-surfers, there's wonderful wildlife and marine life just waiting to be explored. Step into the waters and venture out to sea with Sea Turtles cruising beneath you, their textured flippers propelling them through the currents. Grab your snorkel and discover this underwater land that is blossoming with life.
Dots Bay Deliciousness
All days here should come to a close after a dinner at local guesthouse, Dots Bay, where it is imperative you order the Mahi-Mahi curry for an exquisite taste of Asia. Follow dinner with a Lion beer or two beneath a blanket of stars, and watch the moonlit waves gently meet the sand over and over.
Hiriketiya Beach Sri Lanka
Image courtesy of
Hiriketiya Beach is truly a must-go for all of those wanting to travel to Sri Lanka, but be sure to avoid the rainy season which falls from November to April. May/June is a wonderful time to visit this island, with glorious sunshine illuminating the landscape each day.

So what are you waiting for? Your adventure in Hiriketiya awaits.


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