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The Best Hidden European Beaches

The Best Hidden European Beaches
Summer is fast approaching at full throttle so we have compiled a list of our favourite hidden beaches in Europe which are well worth a visit this summer. Notepad and pen out, here’s our top four for 2018.
We are all too familiar with that treacherous hunt for the perfect beach; hours spent researching the ideal spots along with continuous googling of the most secluded havens to trek to with beach towel in tow. It. Is. Exhausting. Lucky for you, we’ve done all the hard work and noted down our top four favourite hidden beaches in Europe.


Playa de Gulpiyuri in Asturias, Spain is an anomaly in itself - have you ever come across a beach without being near an ocean? This small beach is a mirage in a rocky, Spanish landscape. Located near the town of Llanes in Northern Spain, this beach and its tidal salt water, springs from what was once a flooded sinkhole; the water seemingly emerges from the rock formations and sweeps onto a 40 metre golden beach. ‘Gulpiyuri’ meaning water circle is the perfect name for such a secret almost amphitheatre like setting.
Playa De Gulpiyuri, Asturias, Spain
This natural waterhole, although undeniably secluded it is in fact also a spectacular place to walk, there are are various hiking trails in the surrounding areas that lead down to the coast. This beach is a hidden gem in the bountiful dusty provinces of Spain. If you find yourself in the North we suggest you pay a visit to this (hopefully!) still secret sanctuary. As well as this being an idyllic spot to park beach towel and get out one’s current novel, it is also an ideal place to explore. The rock formations are home to many underwater tunnels that have been slowly carved out by the salt water that makes its way down from the Cantabrian Sea, 100 metres or so north of this heavenly alcove. The water levels are still controlled by the tide but generally remain at an easy depth so kids can play and splash as you watch on with drinks in hand.


Ok, so hidden/secret may be an overstatement here but this next beach on our list is certainly one which finds itself secluded from the hectic mainland. You can find this vast stretch of beach on the South Eastern coast of Sardinia - from the sky it is a pearly white scope of land with teal blue waters on one side and granite quarries on the other. This beach is divided into separate coves, abundant with sea life - making it all the more fun to explore and observe.

Punta Molentis, the name originates from the word donkey - which is a historical nod towards the previous extraction of granite from the surrounding rock formations. These rocks frame the crescent shaped beach which is a superb retreat for those who want to scuba dive, which can be done by catching a boat from the port in the coastal town of Villisimius.

Punta Molentis, Sardinia

If your summer holiday goals are to go the Caribbean but you also need an injection of deep history and European culture then this Sardinian beach may be your perfect match. This south facing beach has miles of shallow waters which are pure perfection for snorkelling and light swimming - making this another beach on our list which the kids will love.

The areas surrounding this beach are all part of The Marine Protected Area Capo Carbonara which was implemented 15 years ago in order to conserve the natural heritage and beauty of the land but also to raise ecological awareness with locals and those who visit this extraordinarily beautiful part of Europe.


Lefkada is connected to the mainland of Greece by a causeway; it is a small island, with its Eastern coast being much more traditional, speckled with fishing villages and small authentic towns. Egremni is a remote beach, located on the South-Western coast of the Island. Although over the years this beach has become increasingly popular, it stays relatively remote due to its not so accessible location. Surrounded by towering white cliffs, in order to reach the breathtakingly turquoise water, you must navigate winding paths through the Athani village and then continue on down 347 steep steps along the cliffs before you finally reach the white beach.

This Grecian beach is not sand but instead made up of fine smooth pebbles, which are soft underneath bare feet. When relaxing under the hazy sun, Egremni is almost unlike any place on earth, staring up at the monumental cliffs above, it truly feels like a hidden slice of heaven.

Egremni, Lefkada, Greece

Back on the luscious cliffs above, there are a few authentic beach bars where you can discover refreshments and beach umbrellas. Days can be spent here lying by the soft waves that sweep onto the beach in a captivating rhythm, dipping into the shallows when the temperatures rise too high, one can swim out and snorkel, exploring the world beneath the waves.


The small town of Furore in Italy is a treasure on the Italian West Coast, steeped in rich history and natural wonder. The small intimate beach is nestled deep in the Fjord, with small fishing villages scattered in the rocky gorge, the profound geological structures are overwhelmingly breathtaking, almost transporting us to prehistorical lands.

Furore Fjord, Italy

Above the bright teal waters that gently swell into the Fjord, a enchantingly engineered bridge stands tall, connecting the cliffs delicately. An ancient archway to the glorious views of the open ocean. The Furore Fjord in our minds becomes less of a place to relax and more of a place to absorb and observe the immaculate architecture that has been standing for centuries. It is a place of magical history, a spot ideal for watching the sunset each evening.

Stone steps line the cliff sides, enabling visitors to explore every inch, to view the history from every height, every angle. Furore Fjord is one of those secret pockets of the world that truly reminds us how magnificent and vast nature is, a true depiction of beauty. If you are traveling up the Italian coast in pursuit of popular Positano, the Furore Fjord is a spot to discover on the way. Another reason that this small beach is so unique is that Fjords are especially rare in Italy, so Furore is one of a kind.

We hope your summer travels bring you memories to cherish, views to think back on and tales to tell.
As always,
With love,



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