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Miami Moments

Miami coastline
Miami is a modern metropolis on the South East coast of Florida. Known as ‘The Sunshine State’ it is a place where stretches of beach seem infinite and citrus trees blossom under the golden sun.
Miami Beach
On arrival, Miami is a storming city of skyscrapers and soaring palm trees. A buzzing tropical and urban complex where the sun doesn’t seem to stop shining. This coastal hub connects via roadways to keys and beaches further out east; the lengthy strips of sand that soak up the surf and run parallel to the mainland are summer havens. The famous Miami Beach is located on these barrier islands, a beach resort that sings summer 24/7.

Deco District

One of the stand-out moments of our travels through Miami were the days spent exploring the Art Deco district. A more historical part of town in South Beach, boasting more than 900 historical buildings, making Miami the city with the highest concentration of Art Deco buildings in the world. An architectural wonder, where the streets are lined with candy-coloured facades. Neon trimmings, brass detailing, curved corners and window ‘eyebrows’ are all key features of the buildings, each lit up at night with luminous pink tinted fluorescence.
Art Deco District Miami
The design district attracts the top names in art and fashion, a spot where art galleries flourish with new and innovative work. Graffiti graces storefronts, elevating this neighbourhood to a contemporary and fresh level of living. Although in the low season this part of Miami may seem quiet and low-key, it comes alive during the annual Art Basel which is held in the first week of December. Over the course of this one week, designers, artists, innovators and more flock to Miami to celebrate design in all aspects. It is this essence of vitality that captivates us when it comes to Miami, its ability to breathe with the times, yet still retain its true and historical character.

Sunset Symphony

After days of wandering the city, we anticipated the famous Miami sunset and the astounding colours that would occur as the sun headed towards the horizon. As we sipped our cocktails and overlooked the swelling ocean, the sun began its descent. The skies are painted so brightly, the ocean below reflecting the glowing colours and ceremoniously washing them towards the shore in skilled cadence. And as nightfall then began to cloak the city, Miami softly switched on. Lighting up every corner with different shades of neon, casting a fluorescence across the contemporary cityscape.
Sunset in Miami
Miami is truly a hub of creativity, a place where life erupts with supreme vibrancy, but in the same vein, it is a place where you can slow life down and rest up on open rooftops and on the stretches of sandy beach with a cocktail in hand. Our AW18 collection draws from the retro and colourful aspects of the city, picking up the hues that weave through Miami, from ocean to skyscrapers. Our prints explore pops of colour along with summer favourites, ice creams, deck chairs and sunset skies all of which are Florida’s staples.
Miami Florida



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