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Morocco | The Secret Jardin

Morocco | The Secret Jardin

An oasis in the heart of the Marrakech souks, a garden drenched in history and rich in design. You must explore this haven if you’re visiting Marrakech, you won’t regret it…


Our Moroccan Garden print from our AW18 Collection ‘Travels to Miami & Morocco’ is inspired by the secret gardens that hide in the maze of the Marrakech souks. The geometric nature of the ceramic tiles, the colours of the swaying palm trees and the design of archways and ceilings completely captivated us on our travels.
This secret garden is a wealth of hidden history in the bustling city, its origins dating back to the second half of the 16th Century. The small but beautiful property has been owned by many over the years and eventually fell into a state of disrepair until 2008, when it was rebuilt to its former glory.
The Secret Garden is divided into two parts, an Islamic garden and an exotic garden. The exotic garden is filled and blooming with plants from around the world, with palms taller than the riad, they are the giants in this jungle. The Islamic garden is a peaceful haven, designed specifically to cast a sense of calm and reflection over those who visit.
Morocco Marrakech Secret Jardin


The garden is surrounded by a large riad, with cream concrete walls reaching high, concealing this haven. The garden is divided up with walkways and lavender borders, weaving around the main pavilion which stands tall in the centre; with delicately carved wooden beams and a hand painted ceiling that draws guests to gaze up, mesmerising them in a whirl of incredible detail. As glorious as this garden is from foot, you can walk up the narrow staircase, up the tower to the roof balcony where you can order a small lunch and let your eyes wander down onto the garden. From above one can appreciate the design of the garden, the symmetry and the thought behind each bench, each flowing fountain.

Morocco Marrakech Secret Jardin

The most striking part of this garden is the green ceramic tiled path that is drawn down the middle of the garden. Emerald and glistening, each tile catches the light in such a way that is hard to believe that the tile pigments originate naturally from the Atlas Mountains which you can see from the garden rooftop.


The most enchanting part of the Secret Garden are the waterways that travel throughout the garden, just as in most Islamic garden there is a spring. The spring further emphasises the atmosphere of calm and reflection as it weaves through the garden; it is a sign of life, a sign of peace. The water is a result of the Khettara, which is a ground drainage tunnel that distributes water to the luxurious parts of the city.

Morocco Marrakech Secret Jardin

The secret garden a beautiful slice of Moroccan history, an elegant nod to tradition. It is a welcome utopia in the soul of the busy and often overwhelming souk. So pop in here when you need to close your eyes and breath, sit atop the rooftop with some tea and watch the birds sweep across the sky, dipping to the below fountains for a drink. This small garden is a place for reflection, for calm, for a touch of R&R on a busy day exploring the treasures of Marrakech.

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