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Travels to Morocco

Travels to Morocco

In celebration of our AW18 collection, we travelled to Morocco, a dusty mountainous country where ochre hills roll out towards the Mediterranean coast and markets whisk your senses away into deliriousness.


The High Atlas mountains are a range that advance along central Morocco and stretch out East towards Algeria, and from this incredible mountain mass, springs rivers that flow down to the coast, pulsing with glistening freshness. And many rivers race to the deserts, plateauing across the sparse landscape, settling in valleys of sand and rock. The jagged mountains in Morocco are vast, controlling their own microclimates that chill as they ascend towards the sky. And eventually, the mountain peaks are peppered with snow as they tower into the atmosphere.

Moroccan Mountain

The vast Moroccan mountains.

And from mountains to sea, we travelled to the Mediterranean coast in search of the salty sea breeze to relieve the heat that we amassed from the deep core of the country. The Moroccan coast is one of our treasured places, the sheer juxtaposition of the elements is stunning. The cobalt blue oceans swell up against the bronzed shore, where rocks scatter along the saturated sands. There’s a dryness to Morocco, the air thick with spices and fragrant clouds of dust that sweep in from the south. And settling on the cliffs, overlooking the expanse of surf, the air becomes softer, saltier, fresher.


As invigorating as the coast was, we were drawn to the cities, pulled in by their aroma and their hidden lights. Morocco is known for its souks, bazaars filled with everything under the sun. Souks have existed since the 6th Century BCE, making their histories vibrant and rich. Navigating these marketplaces is an adventure in itself, the many merchants carving out spaces for their stalls resulting in a maze of brightly coloured alcoves, glistening with embellished fabrics. The beaming sun filtering down through woven and tin roofs creating a dappled effect across the market. Technicolored fabrics line the market, each crafted with such delicacy, almost transparent they catch the light reflecting natural hues across the dusty walkway. As you gravitate further into the organised chaos and delve deeper into the souk, the smells begin to intensify as you reach mounds of spices that sit elevated on wooden tables. Each mound higher than the next, each grain of spice sitting so delicately atop each other, velvety soft. The natural colours more vivid than you can imagine, each sourced from exotic flora from neighbouring lands, their shades distinctive and unique. Hours spent discovering new stalls in the souks results in a sensory overload, the hanging bags, the ornate lamps, the patterned rugs, the shoes, the bracelets; all of these things more colourful than the next, an eruption of paints and stains.

Souk Ceramics Morocco Marrakech

Mounds of souk ceramics

As we made our way out of the souk and into the quieter parts of the city, we burrowed down winding streets and found ourselves discovering stone courtyards where green plants crawl along and up the walls. The sounds of water running creating a tropical mirage, as tiled fountains ooze fresh water. These coves of small gardens are lusciously rich with Olive trees, Fennel plants, and Eucalyptus bushes. They are an oasis in a bustling city, enchantingly alive with the cooing of doves and the sweeping of swallows above. Many of these courtyards are laden with tiles, beautifully ornate they pave paths through to homes, or line the walls midway to waist height; all slightly dusty with spices emanating the city beyond the stone. But their colour and design still visible after years of withstanding city growth. So intricate and delicate, such an elegant nod to the history of Morocco, a reminder of handmade craft. Our Moroccan prints in our new A/W 18 collection, greatly inspired by these arabesque designs, refined and colourful. We fell in love with the careful geometrics that result in these mesmerising patterns.


The details around its cities are what draws visitors to Morocco every day, it is the majestic doors, the hanging lamps, the crumbling walls, and the painted surfaces. As we sat on rooftops and stared out across the labyrinth of Marrakesh, the sun began to sink behind the mountains in the distance, the dust settled on the red earth beneath our feet and lanterns along the walls were lit, cloaking the city in a calm haven.

Rooftop Marrakech Morocco

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