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Introducing 'Riviera Green': Our Seasonal Colour and a Symbol of Sustainability

Discover Riviera Green for summer 2024 inspired by the vibrant shores of the Mediterranean and our commitment to the planet

The Inspiration

Let's dive into the story behind our Riviera Green! It's inspired by the Mediterranean and captures the essence of the riviera with sun-beaten hues and gin-clear waters. Strolling through picturesque market towns or sailing yachts along serene shorelines—Riviera Green is the perfect colour for the season.

But there's more to this shade than meets the eye. Green isn't just a colour—it's a symbol of sustainability and environmentalism, two things at the very core of everything we do at Love Brand…

Earth Month

It’s Earth Month; a time to reflect on our relationship with our wonderful world. It’s a chance to raise environmental awareness and celebrate sustainability efforts. This month every year environmental leaders from all around the world join forces to discuss what can be done to to tackle climate and environmental issues. World Earth Month is celebrated annually on April 22nd by over a billion people. Did you know that it’s the largest civic event in the world, dating back to the 1970s?

men's resort wear

Sustainability at Love Brand

At Love Brand, sustainability isn't just a buzzword—it's our guiding principle. We're on a mission to shrink our carbon footprint and make a positive impact on people and the planet.

In 2022, we proudly earned our B Corporation status, scoring 91.5. And, as part of our UN Sustainable Development Goals, we’re zoning in on SDG12 for Responsible Production and Consumption. Our sustainability efforts start with our materials. We're all about using natural and recycled materials whenever we can. We pride ourselves on crafting clothes built to last using the finest fabrics and skilled craftsmen so they truly last a lifetime. 

Take our mens Staniel swim shorts, for instance. They’re not just stylish; they’re eco-friendly too. Made from 100% recycled polyester, each pair of swimming shorts saves an average of 15 single-use plastic bottles from ending up in landfills or polluting our oceans. And when it comes to printing and dyeing, we're all about efficiency. We select processes that use the least amount of water and produce the least amount of waste possible. 

As for other products, all our cotton is certified organic, except for our responsibly sourced cotton twill caps. Even our buttons are eco-friendly — crafted from renewable corozo nuts instead of plastic or shells.

Sure, every business has a carbon footprint, but we're committed to shrinking ours. By 2030, we're aiming to be carbon neutral, and we're well on our way to making it happen.

Love Brand’s Sustainability Projects

We're thrilled to collaborate with our resort partners worldwide to champion global sustainability initiatives.

For example our recent partnership with Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, Dubai and their poolside store, Kind by M.O. We have created two exclusive Signature prints that reflect the brand’s conservation and sustainability efforts in the UAE. The prints tell two remarkable stories: one about a coral restoration project and the other about the rewilding efforts for the Arabian Oryx.

In 2022, Mandarin Oriental teamed up with Freestyle Divers and A ZRAQ to design and construct a fan-shaped artificial reef. This impressive 12-foot structure was submerged off the coast of Fujairah in Dibba Bay, promising to foster a brand-new underwater ecosystem and attract a diverse array of marine life.

On the other hand, the Arabian Oryx holds a significant place in Arabian culture, and its conservation is paramount. Extinct in the wild by the early 1970s, it was subsequently saved through captive breeding programs and reintroduced into its natural habitat, starting in 1980. This achievement stands as a testament to successful conservation efforts. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond Dubai. Check out more sustainable partnerships in our impact reports.

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