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Our Mission 

We are a proud member of ‘1 % for the Planet’ and since day one, we have given a percentage of our revenues, not profits, to wildlife conservation projects, helping elephants and other endangered wildlife. So far we have donated over £200,000 to the environmental initiatives.  In addition each year we donate an additional 1% in product in kind supporting community projects. As part of our UN Sustainable Development Goals we are focused on SDG14 Life Below Water and SD15 Life on Land. We proudly support charity partners working tirelessly and making a tangible difference.

When we witness a newborn elephant walking down a protected route in the Karbi foothills
or notice the first signs of fresh Posidonia seagrass in Ibiza, we know our work is worthwhile.

Coexisting with Elephants

Since day one, we have supported Asian elephant conservation projects with our charity partner Elephant Family and their enduring and pioneering work promoting the peaceful coexistence of humans and wildlife. The root cause of the human-elephant conflict in India, and subsequent decline in elephant numbers, is human settlements in migratory elephant paths or ‘corridors’. Our donations to Elephant Family have now exceeded £50,000 which has helped manage this conflict and promote coexistence. 

"Every year without fail LOVE BRAND & Co. have been there for the last remaining wild elephants of Asia." - Ruth Ganesh, Patron and Former CEO, Elephant Family

Coral Reefs

Supporting The Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation (BREEF) and their work conserving the marine environment, coral reef restoration projects and education.

Elephant Orphans

Supporting the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and their work rescuing, rehabilitating and reintroducing orphaned elephants in Kenya.

Posidonia Seagrass

Supporting the Ibiza Preservation foundation help conserve and raise awareness for the remarkable Posidonia Oceanica seagrass meadows.

Rhino Sanctuary

Supporting Tusk Trust, an incredible charity focused on conservation in East Africa, helping Black Rhinos and African Wild Dogs at Mkomazi in Tanzania.


Supporting WildAid protect sharks and rays and tackle the demand that funds and fuels the illegal wildlife trade. 


The project has the long-term goal of contributing to the conservation of seahorses in the Mediterranean Sea and their associated habitats and increasing awareness around seahorse conservation.


Supporting Devon Environmental Foundation (DEF) with habitat restoration in key coastal biodiversity hotspots in Devon, conserving local threatened invertebrates.


Supporting the Ionian Preservation Foundation conserve the endangered Mediterranean Monk Seals and Dolphins in the eastern Ionian Sea.


Supporting The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Environment Fund ensure the survival of the Union Island gecko, an endemic and critically endangered reptile in Union Island.


Become a Charity Partner

In addition to supporting our elephant conservation projects, each year we also support other initiatives around the world, helping endangered species and habitats from Geckos in the Grenadines to Seagrass in Ibiza. If you are a wildlife charity or environmental project and would like our support, you can contact our team below.