Ibiza Travel Guide

Looking for a long weekend with the best food and beaches? Look no further than Ibiza. The white isle is perhaps most famed for its partying but for us it is a place to rest, relax and eat.

To this end, as soon as we land, we are in our rental car and off. Leaving the clubbing area around the airport for dust. And being a relatively small island (21miles long) we are quickly driving through pine woods and beautiful countryside and twisting down tiny roads to unspoilt coves and our favourite beach restaurants.

Where to stay

Luxury lovers should check into Six Senses Ibiza which commands an amazing location on Cala Xarraca or Nobu Ibiza Bay nearer town on Talamanca Bay. But for a long weekend in Ibiza, we love to stay at Atzaro, a 300 year old finca with 24 rooms and surrounded by orange groves in central Ibiza, making it the best base camp for exploring the island.

Where to eat

In Ibiza, the new night out is having lunch. Our best lunch in Ibiza is at Jondal , and it is important to book ahead. But it is worth the wait. Cala Jonal has the most phenomenal setting and cooking combined. The perfect place to let lunch spill into a whole day and see where it takes you. Also on the south of the island is another one of our favourite eateries in Ibiza, Es Torrent. No music here, just the sound of the sea and the kitchen at work. Meet Cati and Maria who run the beach shop and also have our LOVE BRAND & Co. collections. After a superb lunch, shop our latest swim shorts and have a dip at this beautiful secluded beach.

What to do


We love eating and swimming our way around the island. Our other favourites spots include El Chiringuito, Aguias Blancas and Cala Xuclar. But we also love to shop. Discover the islands artisanal boutiques and flea markets. There are great markets at Cala Lena, San Juan, Las Dalias and Punta Arabi.

Ibiza town

It is also worth going to Ibiza town for an evening and walking up Salt Vila, Ibiza’s fortified old town. Soak in the sunset with panoramic views from the top and try our favourite tapas bar at the bottom, La Bodega.

If you are on the island for a week or more, take a boat to Formentera. Stay at Teranka, try Es Calo for lunch and sunbath on Playa de Illetes, voted the best beach in Europe and top ten in the world!

Local conservation

LOVE BRAND & Co. has been supporting the local charity Ibiza Preservation for the last 4 years, helping raise awareness and funds for the conservation of an endemic seagrass called Posidonia Oceania. The ancient seagrass generates half the oxygen you breath when you are in Ibiza. It is also an important carbon sink, habitat for marine life and also is the filter that keep the waters of Ibiza and Formentera crystal clear. The tourism popularity of Ibiza has put the Posidonia seagrass meadows under threat. We are on a mission to help Ibiza Preservation to promote education around the importance of the seagrass, through our project ‘Protecting Posidonia’