Spring / Summer

Inspired by the Karnataka region of India

The story behind the collection

Wandering through the depths of the jungles of India is a true sight to behold. You will discover magnificent elephants, hidden Indian palaces, leaping leopards, rare jungle birds and giant butterflies among beautiful waterfalls and green foliage. Every corner feels enchanted, painting a mystical backdrop that is unlikely to be forgotten…

Travels to Jungles of India

This season we pay homage to founders Oliver and Rose’s love of India. Print motifs are drawn from memories of their first adventure in the jungles of India. Their love of travel and wildlife conservation can be traced back to where they first met Tara, the elephant. Ever since they have felt a strong connection to elephants and have made it their mission to support wildlife conservation in any way they can. This year we continue supporting our long-term partners Elephant Family, promoting human-elephant coexistence, and the award-winning conservation work of Dulu Borah in the Karbi Foothills in Assam.

Love Brand founders Oliver and Rose washing Tara the elephant

Discover our exclusive new season prints, inspired by the Karnataka region of India, where you can find elephants and hidden Indian palaces, leaping leopards, rare jungle birds and giant butterflies…

Elephant Palace

Inspired by memories of magnificent elephants and enchanted Indian palaces, our ‘Elephant Palace’ print pays homage to our continued support of long-standing partners, Elephant Family - promoting human-elephant coexistence.

Island Camo

Paying homage to our love of island hopping, our ‘Island Camo’ print is a cool yet clever camouflage print that depicts the shapes of the Greek islands. While Mykonos, Crete and Santorini are instantly recognisable, there are actually thousands of islands in Greece with only 227 being habitable.

King of the Jungle

The Great Hornbill, a native of India, is one of the most distinctive yet endangered birds within the country. Between 95-120cm tall, these magnificent birds are a sight to behold and are the inspiration behind our ‘King of the Jungle’ print.


Karnataka butterflies are among the largest in India, with a wingspan of between 140-190 mm. Our ‘Fly with Me’ print pays homage to these beautiful butterflies and the bursts of colour they create within the jungles of India.

The World is your Oyster

The World is, quite literally, your oyster with this new playful print. Inspired by our love of travelling the world, our ‘The World is your Oyster’ print raises awareness for the Solent Oyster Restoration Project.

Leaping Leopards

Depicting lazy leopards swinging from tree to tree, our ‘Leaping Leopards’ print celebrates this beautiful species. Did you know? The Karnataka region has the second-largest population of leopards in India.