Live well. Live green. Live with love.

At LOVE BRAND & Co. we believe in living well and living green. We love the good life and love the planet too and we believe one doesn’t have to cost the other. Giving back and sustainability is the message of love in LOVE BRAND & Co. Our loving ethos runs through everything we do. From how we make our clothes and operate as a company, to our commitment to helping wildlife and communities.

giving 2% back
to communities

LOVE BRAND & Co. is committed to donating 2% of our net revenue each year to charity. 
We donate at least 1% of net revenue in donations to wildlife conservation projects, as proud members of '1% For The Planet'. We also donate Products In Kind helping communities. Our cash donations support incredible wildlife and environmental projects, protecting wild elephants and other endangered species and promoting human-wildlife coexistence.

Maximising our positive impact

We also donate 1% of our net revenue in Products In Kind to rural communities. We recognise the importance of local communities coexisting with wildlife. We proudly donate our products to support local families and as a gesture of thanks for their important role in ensuring a future for endangered wildlife.

Minimising our negative impact

At LOVE BRAND & Co. we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and running our company as sustainably as possible. We are giving great thought and care to all areas of our business. The products themselves are designed to tread softly on the planet, made from the finest organic, recycled or plant-based fabrics...

"Irresistibly aesthetic and fiercely devoted to protecting earth's wildlife"

Roan Carr-Hartley
Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

“ Tusk is enormously grateful to Love Brand for its valuable and longstanding support.”

Charlie Mayhew
CEO Tusk Trust