Calabash Sand Dollar Baby Bottoms
Calabash Sand Dollar Baby Bottoms

Calabash Sand Dollar Baby Bottoms

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Our Calabash baby bottoms are the perfect summer piece for young ladies to splash around in. Every pattern and block colour is also available in Staniel Swimming Trunks for men and boys, so the family can match! They are made from the same recycled plastic-based materials that our Staniels are made from, the best new addition to the Little Love Brand family.

100% recycled Quick-Dry Polyester, woven in Spain
Chlorine tested
Recycled labels and tags
Machine Washable
Do not use bleach or use strong detergents
Designed in London, Manufactured in Spain

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24.535° N, 77.543° W

Calabash Cay is an island situated in the northern part of Andros famed for its abundance of wildlife and crystal clear waters where divers and snorklers go to experience pure untouched marine reserve.

The Calabash


Our Calabash Baby Bottoms are made from the same 100% recycled, quick dry fabric as our Staniel Swimming Trunks, which make for a super-comfortable swimming bottom for girls. Match with the boys and men's prints.

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