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The essence of Pook Hats By Lua originates from the spirit and passion of Mexican artisan traditions. All of the hats are made from the Jipi Japa palm Leaf. With Lua’s beautiful designs the result is a truly uniquely individual, eco friendly, exquisite and stylish creation

PLEASE NOTE: your hat may vary slightly in shade due to hand dying process. 

  • Materials used: Toquilla straw, natural pigments from regional flowers and plants, leather for the decoration.

  • Care: For your hat to maintain its original shape pick it up from the brim and never pinch it by the crown.Avoid wearing your hat in the rain, Toquilla straw will withstand a light rain but soaking will cause the hat to lose its shape.f your hay does get wet or gets a little funky you can use a blow dryer on LOW to dry and you can iron the brim to flatten on LOW with a white cotton cloth on top.To clean, wipe down the hat with a soft cloth, you can use some mild soap and water to spot clean.

  • Handle your hat with love and care.

  • The colour of the hats can never be exactly the same since the colour of plants and flowers are always different plus the Toquilla straw can be more or less absorbent from batch to batch this is what makes your POOK hats unique

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