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The Reiki Master | Life Lessons With Fenton

The Reiki Master | Life Lessons With Fenton
We are all about mindfulness and good energy this Christmas. So there is no better time to get some tips and tricks to become the best you can be from our friend and reiki master, Fenton Joseph-Zywicki.

Fenton is a father of 3, a devoted husband, a healer and an entrepreneur. We caught up with him and asked what his inspiration was to take up reiki (pronounced ray-key) and the ways in which he has combined reiki into his daily life. It's a practice that has helped him to overcome self-doubt and negative thought cycles, he instead strives for the positives in all that he does, allowing him to remain present, mindful and ultimately flow intuitively.

What exactly is reiki? For those who are new to reiki, it is Japanese for 'universal life energy' and is also a word used to describe a system of natural healing. There are many lineages to reiki, Fenton’s’ is the Usui/Holy Fire reiki line. He told us “this branch of reiki teachings was developed out of the Japanese traditions to cater to the Western mindset and perspective. The primary difference between this and Eastern systems is the use of symbols as opposed to sounds to represent energies and concepts used in our reiki practice.”

Reiki in many cases has the ability to transform lives for the better. For Fenton, this has been the case. He explained “For some time, I was struggling with my mental and physical health due to addiction-related issues. After giving up alcohol for my third and final time I needed a personal regime that would allow me to stay attuned with my inner workings. Having been drawn to a plethora of holistic healing modalities it was reiki that I felt enabled me to best maintain and correct my equilibrium and balance – physically, mentally and emotionally”.

Clearly practising reiki and receiving reiki treatment has many advantages, we learned that one of the most overriding benefits is the “ability to work simultaneously on the three aspects of the holistic body (physical, emotional and mental) which allows for healing to occur on a variety of levels and access embedded traumas and block effectively.”

Fenton is also a keen entrepreneur and together with his wife they have successfully created a beautiful wellness retreat, alongside a wedding location nestled in the Andalusian hills of southern Spain. “Retiró Sambana is a true gift” Fenton tells us. A place that we can clearly see is filled with love and hard work. Hosting yoga retreats, plant medicine weeks, weddings and restful retreats of all types, Fenton tells us that creating a place like this has been “both a pleasure and an honour”.

Retiró Sambana oozes rustic charm. A place that will stir the heart and enrich the soul. Within every room, guests will find yoga mats, beach bags, sun hats, 100% cotton blankets, fully fitted wardrobes, natural soaps, slippers, towels, natural light and outstanding views of the surrounding ‘Campo’.

We asked Fenton what other ways he maintains a positive energy, good health and a balanced mind and body. He emphasised that gratitude has been a massive component aside from reiki that has helped him achieve this. Listening to music, practising yoga, painting or sculpting as well as hugging his friends and loved ones are all ways he appreciates help him to gain a greater self-gratitude.


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