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Mexico, Valle de Guadalupe | Where to Stay

Mexico, Valle de Guadalupe | Where to Stay

Valle de Guadalupe in Mexico’s Baja California is a mountainous wonderland which unfolds into acres and acres of vineyards buzzing under the South American heat. A new and exciting place to travel to, read on to explore the best places to stay in Northern Mexico.


A modern mountain-side complex that overlooks the vineyards in Valle de Guadalupe, The Encuentro Guadalupe Hotel is a vast steel and glass structure, with accents of deep authentic wood. A true champion of contemporary design; a minimalist skeleton, a geometric framework that is determined not to interfere with the stretches of nature that surrounds it. The buildings each raised a few feet off the ground so as to not harm the delicate ecosystem of soil beneath them. Encuentro is made up of the main lodge and then a variety of smaller individual pods that are scattered along the mountainside, each granting guests with the utmost privacy. These unique lofts, designed by architect Jorge Garcia, are described as ‘oyster shells’ by hotel owner Alfredo Acosta, as he speaks about their hard exterior but plush and luxurious interior.

Valle de Guadalupe The Encuentro Guadalupe Hotel

"The most beautiful things on earth are created by nature, not built by men”

Alfredo has said, and he has gone on to encourage guests to sit outside and embrace the sprawling Mexican desert that unfolds before the hotel.

Valle de Guadalupe The Encuentro Guadalupe Hotel
The interiors of Encuentro Guadalupe are sleek and minimalist, clean lines separate spaces, smooth concrete floors seep across the property and industrial light fixtures cast a delicate light into the open spaces. The lighting is so incredibly crafted, so that not to disturb the views of the world outside.
An infinity pool is located on the mountain side, a serene utopia where guests can relax whilst staring out into the valley, the mountains humming with Mexican heat. And when the skies darken after a long nebulous days, the stars begin to appear above the valley, and guests retreat to their pod patios to stargaze with a glass of wine in hand.
Valle de Guadalupe The Encuentro Guadalupe Hotel-
This modern mountain-side lodge is the ideal place to enjoy the Mexican Wine Country, the glass walls making this hotel THE spot for wine tasting.


Get close to nature at Cuatro Cuatros, a beautifully boutique hotel where camping meets luxury. A winning combination. In the hazy desert heat, a cluster of white canvas tents have been erected, and in the middle of the vineyard, these tents are sensationally private. These spectacular tents are equipped with air conditioning, small wooden verandas, and wood burning stoves. Cuatro Cuatros is incredible in its ability to strip back luxury to the bare essentials, truly placing importance on only the graceful beauty of the wildlife surrounding it.

Valle de Guadalupe Cuatro Cuatros Mexico

The hotel sits close to the coast, just East of Salsipuedes Bay, and often guests flock to the ocean in search of the salty sea air breeze for a refreshing dip. And once toes are sandy, the retreat back to the campsite begins. Evenings at Cuatro Cuatros are spoiling, the stars arrive in full force, and guests are treated tastings of Mexican wine, whilst staring off into the valley. Heavenly.

Cuatro Cuatros Mexican Wine Valley

This luxury campsite has such a charm to it, the epitome of outdoor luxury, for those who want to experience Northern Mexico from the ground, in the thick of it all. For those who want to wake up with the sun, who desire to pull aside the canvas sheets and step out into the world, beneath the crisp morning sun and breath in the soft Mexican air that whistles from the Mountains and sweeps in from the Pacific Ocean.


Made up of 8 individual suites, Bruma is a chic hotel which immerses guests into the magic of the Mexican landscape. The 8 suites, each detached from the main lodge, allow guests their privacy, whilst the main lodge is home to the kitchen and dining areas, as well as the pool and terrace.

Bruma Mexico Valle de Guadalupe

The design of this hotel is what makes it so wonderful, it carefully blends together contemporary architecture with traditional Mexican culture. It is this combination that makes Bruma unique. The juxtaposition of textures, exampled in the glass doors that are fixed to walls made of impressively sized boulders. Bruma places sleek lines with authentic and natural materials, catapulting the hotel into the future of sustainable and eco-conscious design.

Bruma Mexico Valle de Guadalupe

Bruma Mexico Valle de Guadalupe

Speaking of sustainability, Bruma also ensures that is supports local brands and industries by stocking products sourced exclusively from the Baja region. Specifically products that use the intense lavender, which enhances beauty rituals, the wonderful smell washing serenity of those who use it.

Bruma is simplistic yet magnificent, the different textures that are placed together are architectural delights. Each room individual with its textures, the natural forms blending into the contemporary design - it is beautiful in its directness, nothing distracting you from the true essence of nature. It immerses its guests into the landscape, swallowing them whole and treating them to the epitome of Mexican wellness.

Bruma Mexico Valle de Guadalupe

Bruma is sensational, from architecture, to taste, to location, to luxury. A spot not to miss if you are looking to experience the contemporary side of the Mexican wine valley.

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