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Enchanting Blues of The Bahamas

We are endlessly inspired by the natural beauty of The Bahamas for our designs and the colours we choose. 

Irresistible turquoise, greens, neutral hues and every shade of blue. Discover the enchanting blues of The Bahamas and the scientific reasons for them. From our darkest navy embodying the deep Atlantic Ocean to the bright summery colours that come from the island's bounty of very shallow water and white sands.

The Bahamas Blue
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The Shallow Seas 

The Bahamas is an archipelago of 700 islands and nearly 2500 islets which all sit on underwater plateaus called “banks” which are only 0–6 m deep. The Bahamian waters are also known as the shallow seas or ‘baja mar’ in Spanish.

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The Bahamas

Endless Inspiration

The shallow waters which range from barely enough water to cover your toes to 6 meters create mesmerising light and bright colours. And then in contrast there are also 6000ft deep trenches, used for US submarine testing where the blue is so dark it is nearly black. This range of waters and depths is our endless inspiration of mesmerising blues for our beachwear. 

Discover dark 'Navy Blue' or our bright sapphire tone of 'Majorelle Blue' or the mystery of 'Deep Blue' or the pastel shades of 'Sky Blue', 'Ocean Blue' or the crystal 'Bahamas Blue' or turquoise 'Cay Green'.

The Bahamas skyline
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The Bahamas water
Mens swim shorts
The Bahamas aerial view
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The Most Beautiful Place From Space

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly calls the Exumas ‘The most beautiful place from space.’ And Terry Virts tweets “South #Florida, #Cuba, #Bahamas. From my view, the most beautiful and colourful waters and reefs in the world.”

We have always been in love with these colours and the islands from ground level. But The Bahamas and the colours also reach acclaim from space!

Satellite view of The Bahamas

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