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Rescuing Rhinos | Tusk Trust

African Wild Dogs
We are very proud to be working with Tusk Trust, an incredible charity that focuses on conservation in Africa. For over 30 years, Tusk Trust has partnered with leading and pioneering conservation experts all over Africa; its passion for protecting the wildlife and landscape is unparalleled and inspiring.

The Mkomazi National Park

Tusk Trust has been a part of the Mkomazi project for many years. This project is designed specifically to protect the Mkomazi National Park in Tanzania. The National Park is located in the Northeastern part of Tanzania, on the Kenyan Border, covering a vast 3,300 sq. kilometres of land.

The Threat of Poaching

Over the years The Mkomazi National Park has suffered greatly due to poaching, recreational hunting and agriculture. Consequently, its native species such as black rhinos and African wild dogs were completely eradicated from the park in the early 1990s.

Black rhino populations have declined to less than a few thousand in the wild today, along with African wild dog populations, of which there are now only around 6,000 left. The illegal ivory trade has wiped out a vast number of animals in this area over the years, including the African elephant, which has declined by a severe 30% over the last seven years.

The Solution

The dramatic deterioration of so many species and their habitats prompted the government of Tanzania to launch the Mkomazi project. This project focuses on the reintroduction and monitoring of species such as the black rhino and African wild dog. This project became a national priority and Tanzania’s director of wildlife called upon conservationist Tony Fitzjohn to support the initiative.

Tanzanian organisations came together and concentrated their efforts on rebuilding the park’s infrastructure, from the installation of radio networks to the construction of boundaries and base camps. The conservation of species is also important. The set-up of sanctuaries and breeding enclosures has been crucial in increasing wildlife numbers.

The Mkomazi project also ensures that local communities are supported through conservation education and awareness. Schools have been established in nearby villages with the capacity to educate over 200 students at a time, bringing an understanding to our future generations on the importance of conserving the natural world.

The Future

This project is the key to sustaining Tanzania’s wildlife for many generations to come. Organisations such as the Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) and the Kenyan Wildlife Services (KWS) are collaborating together with Tony Fitzjohn and Tusk Trust to create a flourishing environment and safe haven for many species on the brink of extinction.

The Mkomazi project exists as a foundation for conservation across Africa. It is a scheme that brings people together with the common goal of preserving our planet. It is projects like Mkomazi, that are a beacon of hope when it comes to the future of this earth. Love Brand is honoured to support and help fund the incredible work that is being done by all of those involved.