The London-based artist, has traveled the world, photographing mountains, models, and celebrities. He's also interviewed shepherds, singers, and psychics while embracing every DJing opportunity.

What is your most memorable moment with wildlife? 

Sheepherding on horseback in Patagonia was a high point. But it’s tied with paddle boarding with a friend off Point Dume in Malibu and having huge grey whales circling and swimming beneath us. 

What does sustainability mean to you? 

For me it’s about being fully aware of your world. Less a binary good/bad rulebook and more about conscious decision making. That means pulling on every thread, asking searching questions, understanding the impact of your decisions and then where necessary, reigning them in. It’s easy to float on the surface but forcing yourself to confront the provenance, process and afterlife of the products and services we use almost always leads to more positive choices. 

Favourite place on earth?

This changes with the weather but the high Himalayas of Bhutan hold a firm grip on my mind. 

Looking back on your success, what piece of advice would you share?

It feels like I’m only just getting started, but I’d say that honing genuine skills in your field is always time well spent. Your craft/skill will get you in the door and your ideas and personality should keep you there. 

To travel is to...

Understand your place on the planet. Both the magnitude and the insignificance in equal measure.

What treasures did you bring back from your journey with Oliver and Rose, rediscovering Love Brand's origins?

Rolls and rolls of film filled with everything that sets India apart. People, places and wildlife. And I brought back dust, a lot of it. 

What is your style signifier? 

Worlds colliding; Japanese denim, American workwear, Milanese leather etc. And my accessories/jewellery always have a story. 

One thing about yourself we don’t know.

I seem to attract offbeat conversation/confessions from strangers wherever I am, friends often ask “why is it always you?”