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Lifting the veil on endangered species.

Each season we dedicate prints to the environmental projects we are supporting as a company. We love customers to spot the motif in the print and spark conversations around conservation, keeping endangered wildlife on the agenda.


Print-making to a fine art

Oliver hand draws each and every print motif personally, inspired by nostalgic memories and the natural world around him. Developed over a decade to a fine art, the motif silhouettes are arranged in elegant mirror repeats which have become iconic to the brand.

The wildlife motifs are sometimes lost in the geometric pattern, as the endangered wildlife is almost lost to the world. Oliver has created over a hundred original prints, all charming, playful and meaningful. Then as the tradition goes, each print is named by Rose with an amusing or catchy title.

“A diamond print is smart but boring. A kite is fun but obvious.
Whereas a diamond print that on closer inspection is a
squadron of manta rays for me is the best of both.’

Oliver Tomalin, Founder 

What do you see first. Elephants or Palaces?

Elephant Palace is our core and most iconic print, which is also the best example of Oliver’s work with print and purpose. As the story goes, Oliver and Rose watched an Asian elephant called Tara having breakfast in Kanha National Park, India. The silhouette of Tara stretching her trunk up high to eat the leaves is a powerful memory for Oliver and he used the moment for the basis of his print. The silhouette is sketched and adapted and then mirrored and repeated to magically create the illusion of Indian palaces. The double reading of the print, perfectly conveys our flagship charity project, helping promote peaceful human-elephant coexistence. 

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