Marbella Club x Love Brand & Co.
Marbella Club Exclusive
Sun, sand & seahorses...

This summer we have teamed up with the Marbella Club on a new LOVE BRAND & Co. exclusive print highlighting the importance of seahorses, and raising awareness for the Seahorse Conservation work in the Mediterranean. The print consists of seahorses facing each other making a heart shape with in Andalusian Blue, and is available in our recycled swimming trunks, and light linens for the whole family. 

We have our very own LOVE BRAND & Co. chiringuito at the beach, where you will find our exclusive capsule of printed men's and boy’s swimming trunks, girls swimming bottoms, linen shirts, sarongs and even excluisve seahorse scrunchies. Plus, when you shop the collection or join for dinner, lunch or drinks at MC Beach, part of your bill will benefit the Aula del Mar conservation project to protect seahorses. 

A love affair...

Our seahorse love affair does not stop there. The exclusive print of seahorses forming hearts can also be found on cushions around the hotel at the MC beach club. Oliver Tomalin, LOVE BRAND & Co. Co-founder and designer explains:

"We are so excited to see our prints break free of the boutique. Now our idea of keeping endangered wildlife on peoples agenda through print has been turbo charged by placing our prints at numerous other touch points around the hotel property as well as our beachwear."

Marbella Club x Love Brand & Co.
Rewilding Seahorses

The seahorse rewilding project by The Marbella Club is a four-year long activity in partnership with Aula del Mar ('Classroom of the Sea') which aims to increase awareness around the urgent need to conserve seahorses, and theircarbon sequestering seagrass meadow habitats. There are talks and training courses offered to those in the education, tourism, fishing and maritime sectors to keep the discussion flowing. Within the Marbella Club premises there are seahorse conservation nurseries, and a host of interactive activities, games and tasks for people to learn about these sea creatures and their importance.


"Sustainability starts from within so if we want to have any chance of making a positive change in the world we need to look inwards first, then reconnect with our communities, nature and the wider world."

- Jennica Arazi, Mabella Club Owner

LOVE BRAND & Co. is founded on the pillars of travel, conservation and sustainability. Offering the discerning traveller a product that has been mastered over a decade while also promoting values and ethics people can feel really good about. This idea of both living well and living green are values also shared by the Marbella club. So we are delighted to be joining forces and raising awareness for the importance of our environment and helping endangered seahorses.