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Casa Raki

Meet the Maker...

LOVE BRAND LOVES... is a carefully curated edit of ethically made women's resort wear brands and sunny accessories that compliment our own LOVE BRAND & Co. We meet the makers of Casa Raki, a South American-inspired brand, designed in London and made ethically in Europe.

Casa Raki Fashion

The inspiration behind Casa Raki comes from Josefina's love and yearning to travel... "I grew up in South America, spending much of my time on the coast in Uruguay. Sun and sea and the beach have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I always wanted to bring this to life through a brand that had respect for the natural world. Casa Raki started like a dream... I could see clearly that there was a lack of luxury sustainable swimwear brands and after gaining all this experience on the product side, I thought it was finally time for me to create the brand." 

Casa Raki
Josefina grew up with sunny weather all year around, which meant she knew the best way to create a space for herself in the resort wear market, "to me, resort wear was the natural choice. I believe it to be the perfect way to explore my love for fashion and combine this with my desire to be comfortable yet elegant." Josefina adds, "Plus I think beachwear should always be functional and this is something I see a lot of brands forgetting with extravagant designs."
Casa Raki

LOVE BRAND LOVES... supports independent brands that make impeccable products, whilst still being kind to the planet. Every Casa Raki piece is designed and made while keeping the planet in mind, but it is also all inspired by the nature in some of Josefina's favourite places on earth. Argentina is the foundation for the iconic Casa Raki palette. "As soon as I land home, I feel the most comfortable I will ever be. I get inspired by everything in the colourful and loud city of Buenos Aires. Joy vibrates in every corner and landscape. The landscapes inspire my collections and within each one, I try to build a story of ecosystems specific to Argentina: the Atacama Desert, The Amazon, and Patagonia. Constantly taking inspiration from and paying respect to my home." 

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