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Beetles Beyond the Edge

Beetles Beyond the Edge
The story behind our print 'The Beetles'
Our bohemian beetle print is inspired by the jewel-like leaf beetle which are now an incredibly scarce species.
Designer Notes
The intricate lines of the beetle form mesmerizing shapes and layers. The Tansy beetles are hard to find in the print, showcasing how they are now hard to find in nature due to reduced habitat and declining numbers.    
The endangered tansy beetle was once widespread in the UK, but now has a severely restricted and declining distribution. The beetle is threatened due to reduction in suitable wetland habitat and food plants.
Thought only to be left around the banks of the River Ouse in York in the East Anglia fens. The beetle was found across the UK and in Devon where there is an environmental foundation on a mission to restore population numbers of some of the UK’s rarest insects.
DEF (Devon Environmental Foundation) are boosting local populations of 25 of the UK’s most threatened invertebrates, and a wide range of other species from plants to bats and birds. 
Species Spotlight 
  • Size: Up to 1cm
  • The Tansy beetle is an endangered species, with its largest population present along the banks of the River Ouse in York.
  • This tiny beetle depends on the Tansy plant to survive as a vital source of food and as a site to lay eggs. Without it these flightless beetles are unable to survive
  • Life on the Edge will deliver targeted habitat restoration and creation at five key coastal biodiversity hotspots – expanding and enhancing them to protect remnant populations of the threatened species and enable their recovery. Practical habitat interventions coupled with landowner buy-in and conservation covenants will ensure the habitats are managed for the long term – providing a strong legacy for the project.
    LOVE BRAND & Co. is proud to help DEF and their work in collaboration with Buglife, South Devon AONB, National Trust, Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust, and local farmers, landowners, and communities. Securing positive relationships with landowners and working with local people will create a ripple effect across the South Devon coastal landscape making it an exemplar of how to deliver national invertebrate conservation and nature recovery networks.
  • Devon Environment 
  • Devon Wildlife Trust