A Postcard From...Philippe & Ashlan Cousteau

Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau
What is your most memorable moment with Wildlife? Any close shaves?
We were filming a documentary for Shark Week in a remote part of the Marshall Islands, off Bikini Atoll. When we entered the water, we were surrounded by 70 grey reef sharks who most likely had never seen humans before. They were beautiful and very curious, coming right up to our faces to get a closer look and gently nudging our arms to see what we were. It was a once in a lifetime experience.
What's your idea of a perfect family hols? Villa or resort?
On our many adventures, we have stayed in tiny beach shacks, tents, barely floating boats and fabulous penthouses. The perfect location is one where we can all be together and truly experience the local community.
What does sustainability mean to you?
A world where every child has the ability to drink clean water, breathe fresh air and walk on healthy earth under a clear blue sky.
Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau
If you had to choose, where is your favourite place on earth (so far)?
Anywhere underwater, especially places that are protected and flourishing like Cabo Pulmo, Mexico, Lighthouse Reef off Belize or the vitally important waters off Antarctica which we are trying to add to through Antarctica2020.
Looking back on your successes, what piece of advice would you share?
Find purpose in everything you do. And you are NEVER too young (or too old) to change the world. We started a non-profit called EarthEcho International, a leading youth environmental education organization because education is the key to achieving our conservation goals.
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