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From our coffee plantation, to the best beaches and the coolest cities, we are discovering Colombia...
Discover Medellin, the Colombian city that should be on everyone’s radar. Post-pandemic the city is looking to become South America’s first “eco-city”.
Once known as ‘the bad-ass town’ of Colombia with Pablo Escabar’s own cartel neighbourhood, the city has now reformed itself into a modern hub brimming full of entrepreneurial energy, with an economy that is amongst the fastest growing on the continent. Now referred to as ‘the Silicon Valley of South America’, the city has seen a surge in tourism over the last decade.
Medellin is situated in a long valley between two Andean mountain ridges, and with its warm climate, it is the perfect place to spend a lot of time outdoors. The city guarantees great views of the surrounding mountains and stunning landscape, that also give its visitors the opportunity to see some amazing wildlife too, such as Scarlet Macaws, Iguanas and wild monkeys.
Medellin Columbia
Medellin has been compared to the likes of London’s South Bank Centre for its complex of artistic venues. Medellin really has it all, from it’s hip cafés and restaurants, concert halls, museums and libraries to an open-air cinema. Make sure to book enough days to visit this thriving city and be sure to seek out the city’s many rooftop bars.
Alambique offers a relaxed vibe and incredible food, transporting guests away from the hustle and bustle of the streets below and into a charming oasis where a menu of creative and well-crafted cocktails combined with live music will keep you smiling all night.
Cocktails in Columbia
The Medellin Flower Festival is the city’s biggest cultural event of the year and plays a huge part of the city’s identity. Welcoming people from all over the world, it’s a celebration of colour and the huge array of flowers that are grown across the region’s surrounding countryside.
 Overcoming the steep mountain sides, the city’s metro cable cars have been the answer to the steep streets of the labyrinthine barrios that perch above the city centre. A ten minute trip over the city in these floating glass pods will take you up to Santo Dominigo, enjoy some of the most delicious fresh empanadas, streets filled with children’s chatter and buskers playing old tunes on tattered instruments.
A short cable car over the top of the mountain ridge will allow you to sail into the city’s own nature reserve – The Parque Arvi. Known best for its wildflowers and over 54 miles of hiking trails.
Medellin Columbia
Medellin is regarded as one of the great success stories of Latin America. Optimism and sense of accomplishment resonates through the air of the city.
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