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Discover Orpheus Island

Discover Orpheus Island
Located on a paradise island off the North-Eastern coast of Australia, Orpheus Island Lodge sits nestled on a golden beach at the edge of the Great Barrier Reef. A luxury private lodge with only 14 rooms, suites and villas, Orpheus is intimate and secluded. Guests have luxury at their fingertips.
Arrival to this tropical utopia requires a short helicopter ride from mainland Australia, before your feet touch down on the shore, your eyes are treated to views that seem to be dream-like.
Orpheus Island
Image courtesy of Orpheus Island Lodge
“Rocks guard the islands coasts whilst luscious forests sprawl across the sleeping hills gripping each rugged cliff, embracing each mountain curve. With sights like this, the mind quickly switches into ‘Out of Office’ mode”
Orpheus Island
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With capacity for only around 30 guests at a time, there is an intimate quality about Orpheus. In the early morning (after sleeping off the tiredness that goes hand in hand with travel) it is the blissful sounds of ocean stillness that make this place magical.
Whilst the lodge and its villas watch over the shore, the rest of the blossoming island behind is made up of 1,000 hectares of national park which are abundant with tropical fauna. Mornings spent here can be enjoyed by stepping out and exploring the hiking trails that weave through this jungle, guests are invited to immerse themselves in this Jurassic like landscape where waterfalls pour and rivers flow.
What makes Orpheus so extraordinary is its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, just a few steps from the villas, once you have padded barefoot across the sand, you will find yourself at the edge of the ocean. Orpheus responsibly grants its guests the opportunity to access the reefs, which are abundant with over 1,000 tropical fish species.
Orpheus Island
Image courtesy Of James Vodicka
The enchanting underwater landscape is worth exploring, The Great Barrier Reef is home to 1/3 of the world’s coral species as well as a myriad of marine life. Orpheus Island Lodge works hard with James Cook University to help support and preserve this incredible structure of coral organisms so that future generations have the chance to observe and learn about this vital ecosystem. As well as working hard to preserve the Great Barrier Reef, Orpheus also ensures that it works alongside the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority so that the coral reefs can be explored in only positive ways for both the people and for mother nature.
Before evening creeps in there is time to take a visit to The Gwandalan Spa, a spot to revitalise the skin and soul after adventures on the island. The Aboriginal word ‘Gwandalan’ translates as ‘rest and peace’ and is a fitting name for the authentic spa. Treatments here use sustainable, wild-harvested, pure Australian organic ingredients; a gentle nod to their commitment to island sustainability.
Sustainability is at the core of this idyllic paradise retreat, respect and understanding of the environment is woven into Orpheus’ DNA and is visible when you discover their attention to detail in every corner of the lodge.
Orpheus Island
Orpheus shines a spotlight on the severity of climate change and is devoted to actively participating in efforts to minimise impacts on the environment through energy and emission reduction strategies”
Orpheus Island
Image courtesy of Tropical North Queensland
When standing out on the boardwalk and looking back at the lodge under orchid-coloured skies, one can sense the balance of true luxury that Orpheus has achieved without negatively affecting the sensational environment that it resides on. Love Brand is honoured to be stocked in Orpheus’ boutique, if you find yourself in this paradise, in between exploring the island and relaxing into its way of life, be sure to pop in and discover the colourful and printed Love Brand beachwear.
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