Our Projects

We are proud to be working with some incredible people, from some incredible charities and organisations in conservation. Below are our active projects that we are passionately championing and helping fund.

LOVE BRAND & Co. is committed to donating 2% of our net revenue each year to charity, helping wild elephants and other endangered wildlife, as well as rural communities.

We donate 1% in funding to our wildlife conservation projects, as proud members of '1% For The Planet'. These are targeted cash donations, supporting select wildlife and environmental projects, protecting wild elephants and other endangered species and promoting human-wildlife coexistence.

We also donate 1% of our net revenue in Products In Kind to rural communities.


To this day, together with Elephant Family, we have been sponsoring the work of one man, an award-winning conservationist Binod ‘Dulu’ Bora. Dulu's knowledge and understanding of the landscape, the wild elephants and human communities was crucial to the project and the success in securing human-elephant coexistence in Karbi foothills, an area of Assam province in India.

In 2018, our CSR manager Tash Bradley, together with project ambassador Cle Hunnigan, went to Assam to meet Dulu and we created a film to raise awareness for his work and the issues around Human-Elephant Conflict (HEC). An ever-increasing issue that has developed over time as elephants and humans continually compete for land and space.

'The world is only a better place if businesses are part of the social change we need. LOVE BRAND&Co. are being part of that change with their amazing support of conservation and we applaud them for their action.'


Founder & CEO - WILDAID

Helping DULU

As the elephants lose their natural habitat at an alarming rate, they are forced to migrate onto land that is being farmed by local communities. This naturally causes conflict as the farmers combatively defend their crops from elephants in desperate search of nourishment. Funded entirely by LOVE BRAND & Co., Dulu has worked with local communities to learn, understand and mitigate some of the fundamental issues with Human-Elephant Conflict.

Protecting posidonia

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most polluted and overexploited seas on the planet, despite being home to one of the so-called lungs of the Earth, Posidonia oceanica, an endemic aquatic plant present in the waters of Ibiza and Formentera that is key to our marine ecosystem.

saving sea horses

The project has the long-term goal of contributing to the conservation of seahorses in the Mediterranean Sea and their associated habitats and increasing awareness around seahorse conservation. Part of the proceeds from the collection sales and sales at the Marbella Club Beach throughout the summer will directly benefit Aula del Mar and help finance the project.

Tusk Trust

Keen to help wildlife conservation further across the African continent, Oliver and Rose met with Charlie Mayhew, the CEO of Tusk Trust in 2013 and have partnered with the charity since to help Tusk projects with the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, the Lamu Marine Conservation Trust, Blue Ventures Conservation in the Comoros and the Mkomazi Rhino sanctuary in Tanzania.

'Irresistibly aesthetic and fiercely devoted to protecting earth's wildlife'

Roan Carr-Hartley

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Become a charity partner

In addition to supporting our elephant conservation projects, each year we also support other initiatives around the world, helping endangered species and habitats from Geckos in the Grenadines to Seagrass in Ibiza. If you are a wildlife charity or environmental project and would like our support, you can contact our team by emailing: support@lovebrand.com

become a charity partner

Do you want LOVE BRAND & Co. to support your environment initiative? Pitch your reasons in the form below and our team will evaluate your charity and submission for our future projects.

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