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Promoting Human-Elephant Coexistence with Elephant Family

The ongoing conflict between people and wildlife affects 90% of India and over 500 million people, with on average one human and one elephant death every single day.We continue to support our original charity partner Elephant Family in their enduring and pioneering work promoting the peaceful coexistence of humans and wildlife. The root cause of the human-elephant conflict in India, and subsequent rapid decline in elephant numbers, is human settlements in migratory elephant paths or ‘corridors’. Our donations to Elephant Family have now exceeded £50,000 which has helped manage this conflict and promote coexistence. Focusing on support of rehousing projects for villagers to have new homes built away from wild elephant corridors and wildlife education centres and programmes.

'The world is only a better place if businesses are part of the social change we need. LOVE BRAND & Co. are being part of that change with their amazing support of conservation and we applaud them for their action.'


Founder & CEO - WILDAID

Rescuing, rehabilitating and reintroducing into the wild with The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Since 2013, following Oliver and Rose’s travels to Kenya, the company has been helping the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Born from one family’s passion for Kenya and its wilderness, the charity is one of the pioneering conservation organisations for wildlife and habitat protection in East Africa with particular focus on the successful orphanage project outside Nairobi. This year we continue our support and since starting our partnership we have donated over £30,000 to their work helping wild elephants who face extinction from poaching and habitat loss. Our goal is to continue our support of this remarkable charity and together we hope to bring the illegal trade of ivory to an end.

Helping DULU

As the elephants lose their natural habitat at an alarming rate, they are forced to migrate onto land that is being farmed by local communities. This naturally causes conflict as the farmers combatively defend their crops from elephants in desperate search of nourishment. Funded entirely by LOVE BRAND & Co., Dulu has worked with local communities to learn, understand and mitigate some of the fundamental issues with Human-Elephant Conflict.

Protecting Posidonia with the Ibizan Preservation (Conservation Collective)

LOVE BRAND & Co. as treasured corporate partners, a vital source of support for our local foundations. Jade Brudenall, Executive Director, Conservation Collective Since 2019, we have supported the Ibiza Preservation’s work to help conserve and raise awareness for Posidonia Seagrass. We have donated €15,000 so far to the work of Ibiza Preservation. The ancient and magical underwater meadows are critical to the marine ecosystem. These meadows provide the main carbon sink in the Mediterranean, producing oxygen which purifies the water, preventing coastal erosion and protecting important breeding grounds for fisheries. Together with charity and local marine biologist, Manu San Felix, and our hotel partner NOBU Ibiza Bay, we are amplifying our message of the importance of Posidonia Oceanica.

saving sea horses

The project has the long-term goal of contributing to the conservation of seahorses in the Mediterranean Sea and their associated habitats and increasing awareness around seahorse conservation. Part of the proceeds from the collection sales and sales at the Marbella Club Beach throughout the summer will directly benefit Aula del Mar and help finance the project.

Tusk Trust

Keen to help wildlife conservation further across the African continent, Oliver and Rose met with Charlie Mayhew, the CEO of Tusk Trust in 2013 and have partnered with the charity since to help Tusk projects with the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, the Lamu Marine Conservation Trust, Blue Ventures Conservation in the Comoros and the Mkomazi Rhino sanctuary in Tanzania.

Become a charity partner

In addition to supporting our elephant conservation projects, each year we also support other initiatives around the world, helping endangered species and habitats from Geckos in the Grenadines to Seagrass in Ibiza. If you are a wildlife charity or environmental project and would like our support, you can contact our team by emailing: support@lovebrand.com

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