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Being Barsilinga | Chapter 4 "Making Friends"

Barsilnga playing with another elephant
The fourth chapter in our series following the remarkable story of Barsilinga, the rescued orphan elephant who remains an inspiration for Love Brand founders Oliver & Rose Tomalin.
Barsilinga The Orphaned Elephant The Sheldrick Wildlife TrustBarsilinga playing with Ngasha. Image © Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.
Barsilinga was left in a state of trauma following his mother’s death and cried the entirety of the first night that he spent in the Sheldrick Trust Nursery, which disturbed all of the other elephants. Barsilinga was however in surprisingly good condition and took his milk well. The following day he was able to join the other nursery orphans and was given a warm welcome by his future friends.
Barsilinga The Orphaned Elephant The Sheldrick Wildlife TrustBarsilinga and Friends. Image © Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Barsilinga was quick to make friends and form a ‘boy's club’ alongside Faraja, Ngasha, Bomani, Kithaka and Lemoyian. The playful group of friends loved chasing baby warthogs as well as engaging in pushing matches with each other, usually started by the troublemakers of the group, Kithaka and Lemoyian!

Barsilinga also loved to spend a lot of his time close to his keepers and he even seemed to enjoy watching the milk-mixing process taking place. A gentle and polite little elephant, Barsilinga was clearly popular amongst the other nursery orphans as he made numerous friends in the camp. Although Barsilinga may not have been as mischievous as his peers and fellow members of the ‘boy's club’, he was perhaps the most charming in front of any human visitors!
Barsilinga The Orphaned Elephant The Sheldrick Wildlife TrustBarsilinga and his keeper. Image © Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Barsilinga’s story of hope and survival is testament to the care taken to protect wildlife across Kenya. The Sheldrick Trust operates five Mobile Veterinary Units as well as a Sky Vet initiative, all in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service, to help suffering wild animals throughout the country. Recent patients range from injured leopards to snared zebras and, earlier this month, the Mobile Vet Team working in the Masai Mara provided life-saving treatment to a huge majestic bull elephant – more than 50 years of age – who was suffering from a heavily infected spear wound.
Barsilinga The Orphaned Elephant The Sheldrick Wildlife TrustVeterinary Unit. Image © Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.