' trunks for trunks'


We are the men’s swim and resort wear brand committed to saving elephants. Our brand is built on quality, authenticity, sustainability, family and giving back.

We combine our passion for travel and Summer lifestyle together with our love and to desire to help conserve the natural world.

Founded by British couple Oliver and Rose Tomalin in 2010, the brand distills a sophisticated summer lifestyle alongside raising important awareness for endangered wildlife.

Oliver designs our range of understated and elegant swim and resort wear for men and boys. He hand draws our iconic prints taking an inspiration and  a colour palette from the natural world. Our collections are vegan and produced in Europe using the finest organic and recycled fabrics.

Since day one, we have proudly donated a percentage of our revenue - not profit - to helping save elephants and endangered species. Coining its concept ‘Trunks for Trunks’ - swimming trunks helping to save elephants.

LOVE BRAND & Co. is proudly part of 1% For the Planet' and every year supports remarkable conservation charities and foundations, helping ensure the survival of some of the most vulnerable species and habitats on earth.   

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saving elephants
since 2010


 Having trained in architecture, Oliver Tomalin (Founder of LOVE BRAND & Co.) decided to swap designing buildings for board shorts. With a love for design, travel and the natural world and also seeing men's swimwear as an exciting space, Oliver was set on creating a men's swimwear brand giving back to endangered elephants. 

Oliver believes everything in nature, as in life, is connected. Elephants have always been a special part of his life. Adventures in Africa as a child is where it all began and then as an adult when Oliver was deciding on the philanthropic direction for his eco-beachwear dream 20 years later, fatedly elephants were on the streets where he lived in London. Not real of course but an exhibition of painted elephant sculptures raising awareness for Asian elephant conservation. The fact that Asian elephants could be extinct in Oliver's lifetime struck a deep nerve, as Oliver has always been in awe of these majestic, intelligent and beautiful animals. 

On seeing the Elephant Parade in 2010, Oliver had a eureka moment, his swimming trunks could help save elephants and it clicked 'Trunks for Trunks'.  The mission was set and LOVE BRAND & Co. was born. Immediately after seeing the elephant sculptures in London, Oliver went to see the charity benefiting from the exhibition, Elephant Family.  He had a meeting with the late founder Mark Shand. Mark was in full support of Oliver's idea of swimming trunks to help wild elephants. With a nod of approval from the charity, Oliver designed the vision and values for his brand. 

There is also another important love story to be told. At the same time as developing his brand, Oliver met his wife Rose for the first time. Oliver designed the brand's logo - of two elephants forming a heart - on a napkin during their first date together. A month after meeting, Oliver and Rose went to India together to meet an elephant called Tara (the elephant from Mark Shand’s book - 'Travels On My Elephant' where Mark rescues and rides Tara across India to a safe sanctuary). It was magical experience with Tara who continues to inspire Oliver and Rose and their mission today.

Since day one, Oliver has been building the brand with the support of Rose. They married in 2014 and now have two children. They have built a reputation for a sophisticated summer style as well as building a community around the brand that centres around a love of travel, an appreciation for the natural world and a desire for sustainability and purposefulness.

In 2020 Oliver and Rose launched their multi-brand concept with the introduction of their 'Club Brands'. A carefully curated edit of women's swim, resort wear and holiday essentials by brands and artisans that share our Summer lifestyle and brand ethos.

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