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CoExistence | Elephant Family

The Crop Raiders elephants outside Buckingham Palace
CoExistence, the new environmental art campaign from our wildlife charity partner Elephant Family has shaken up London. Launched last Saturday this is an incredible public show raising awareness and inspiring ways that people and wildlife can live more peacefully alongside each other.

The exhibition is in memory of the late Mark Shand, Founder of the charity and an inspiration not just in the conservation world but personally to Oliver and Rose.

“Mark played a pivotal role in LOVE BRAND & Co.’s original footings, and our mission to help save elephants. He was a huge support to me and my vision.” Oliver explains.
Oliver Tomalin Founder Love Brand & Co.
As proud long-standing supporters of Elephant Family, we are thrilled to be a sponsor of the biggest environmental campaign of the year, with its very own herd, ‘The Crop Raiders’. We wholeheartedly believe in Elephant Family and its mission to inspire ways in which we can better coexist with wildlife.

CoExistence marks a unique moment in time when a global reduction in human activity is having a positive effect on wildlife around the world. Brought about by tragic circumstances, this ‘great pause’, coined the ‘anthropause’, is helping guide us on how to best share space with animals on our crowded planet.

“What a breathtaking and incredibly poignant sight after such a year. To see those hand-crafted life-sized eles walking in front of the palace was a sight to behold. I will never forget it!” says Rose.

Much to our delight some of the herd have settled just around the corner from our Chelsea store, where you can now find them grazing in Duke of York Square. They will be there until 14th June when they will finally reach their destinations for the summer – St James’ Park, Berkley Square and Green Park.

Each elephant is based on a real, wild elephant that lives alongside the herd’s creators ‘The Real Elephant Collective’ – a collective of artists and indigenous Adivasi tribals. This community lives within nature’s laws and rhythms and understands the forest that they share with the elephants.
Elephant Family CoExistence
The material the elephants are made from, lantana camara, is an invasive weed whose removal from protected areas benefits wildlife. Exemplifying the ways this community commits to giving all wild animals respect, knowing where to walk, what to plant and how to coexist peacefully.
Elephant Family CoExistence
All images courtesy of Elephant Family

The planet is our home and theirs. The herd are here to tell their story of coexistence. That there is room for all of us on this planet. We hope this exhibition reminds us of the awe we feel when in the company of wild, free animals and inspires us to better share our world with them. ” - Shubhra Nayar & Ruth Ganesh, Creatives.

Our own herd, The Crop Raiders, will be in St James’ Park from the 14th of June. Make sure to pop by and check it out. You can also get involved and donate. Do contact the charity directly or and we can put you in touch should you wish to enquire into making a donation.

The herd has arrived at the time of a great pause, when our human footprint on the wild world has lessened and wildlife everywhere has flourished. The Campaign, #CoExistence, will be live in London until July 23rd.


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