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Meet Merru the Elephant | The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Merru the elephant being fed
We are so excited to update you on the progress of our Milk Matters initiative and are thrilled to be supporting The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the wonderful work that they do to protect African elephants. Their Orphans’ Project focuses on helping to provide orphan elephants in Kenya with lots of TLC, including the vital formula milk that they depend on, as they are being hand-reared by the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust team.

This month, we wanted to share with you some updates directly from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Nursery. On the 1st of September, The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust rescued 9-month-old Merru from a quarry on the outskirts of the Imenti forest. Hostile locals had found Merru and threatened to kill him for bushmeat, but thankfully rangers kept him safe until The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust rescue team arrived to transport him via helicopter to their nursery in Nairobi. Waiting at the nursery were keepers ready on hand to settle Merru into a fresh stable where he could recuperate in a comfortable and safe environment.

Having fed well on milk in his hay-filled stable, Merru became a lot calmer, especially when around the other orphans, it seemed their presence comforted him hugely after his traumatic ordeal.
Merru the elephant with other elephants

Time Heals All

The keepers noticed that Merru has a tendency to stop and walk himself into tight circles every so often, which could be a result of either mental or physical damage incurred after his fall into the quarry. However, the experienced Sheldrick Wildlife Trust keepers are confident that over time Merru’s behaviour will correct.

Through the combination of gentle care and the specialised formula milk, Merru has made wonderful progress. The Love Brand Milk Matters project helps to provide milk for orphan elephants such as Merru. To be able to support such a wonderful and vital cause is an honour for Love Brand, and you can help too! By purchasing any Love Brand product – you are helping contribute to the formula milk which these orphaned elephants depend on.

We will ensure to keep you updated on the progress of this project with help from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, so you will be able to follow along with stories of orphaned calves that are being raised by the fantastic and unparalleled Sheldrick Wildlife Trust team.
A herd of elephants with Merru in the centre

November 2018 Update

An update directly from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust:

“Sadly Merru never fully recovered from the head injuries he sustained prior to his rescue and he passed away. He will forever remain in our hearts and we take comfort in knowing that he was given a safe and loving environment for his final few weeks where he could pass away peacefully, surrounded by friends”