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Meet Mwashoti the Elephant | The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Mwashoti the elephant
This week, we wanted to share with you a story from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s special Reintegration Unit in the Kibwezi Forest. We are honoured to continue supporting the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust with our #MilkMatters project that helps provide the orphan elephants in their care with the vital formula milk that they so crucially depend on.Mwashoti The Elephant

The Ordeal

One-year-old elephant calf Mwashoti was found in February 2015 with a horrendous wound caused by a cable snare, cutting deep to the bone of his leg and leaving him extremely compromised. He was treated by one of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s Mobile Veterinary Units, operating in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service, in the hope that he could heal in the wild and remain with his mother.

After three weeks of observation, it was clear that Mwashoti was unable to walk for food or water and could not keep up with his herd, leaving him very vulnerable. The heart-wrenching but necessary decision was made to bring him to our Nairobi Nursery where he could receive intensive care, with daily cleaning and dressing of his wound, and of course regular bottle feeds of vital milk formula that he could not survive without.

His Future

This single snare caused Mwashoti unspeakable pain, forcing him to become separated from his mother and very nearly severing his leg. His life has been spared, but only thanks to the intervention of KWS and the expert care he has received from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Fully healed – and some 4,000+ milk feeds later – Mwashoti is now living life to the full at the Sheldrick Trust’s Umani Springs Reintegration Unit within the lush Kibwezi forest.

Along with 11 other orphan elephants being reintegrated here, Mwashoti will gradually return to a life in the wild in a protected area, where continued patrols from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust/KWS De-Snaring Teams work to confiscate snares and to eradicate bushmeat poaching, preventing these orphans – and other wild animals – from ever experiencing Mwashoti’s suffering.Mwashoti The Elephant

Thank You

It is all down to the incredible work of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust that orphans such as Mwashoti are given a chance to survive. We are so proud to support their initiative by donating towards the vital milk formula that the orphans depend on for several years of their life. It is projects like this that are so crucial when it comes to protecting and conserving the natural world and the wildlife that inhabits it. Each time you purchase a Love Brand product you are directly contributing to projects such as this, for this we thank you.

All images courtesy of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


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