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Posidonia oceanica seagrass
We celebrate our partnership with the Ibiza Preservation Foundation on a project that is dedicated to the protection of the Posidonia oceanica seagrass in the waters of the Balearic.

The IPF has worked incredibly hard over the last decade to preserve the land and oceans of Ibiza and Formentera. Their projects aim to ensure that future generations are able to thrive on these rich and blossoming islands for many years to come.
Posidonia oceanica

Posidonia Oceanica

Ibiza and its smaller counterpart, Formentera, are both highly fertile islands; abundant with marine life surrounding their coasts, including the vast meadows of the Posidonia oceanica. This seagrass is a key element of the underwater ecosystems that so many Mediterranean species depend on for survival. Not only are these grasses breeding grounds for a variety of fish, but they also produce an immense quantity of oxygen, purifying the waters in the Balearic Sea. These sprawling underwater meadows have existed for more than 1,000 years and thus have been recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
Posidonia oceanica seagrass

The Threat

The Posidonia oceanica faces serious threats such as boat anchors, coastal construction and pollution; each of which has played a part in destroying a vast percentage of the seagrass. It is reported that approximately 34% of the Posidonia meadows have been obliterated within the last 50 years.

Posidonia oceanica is a slow-growing species, meaning that one square metre of grass takes over ten decades to regenerate, making the vulnerability of this species extremely alarming. The loss of this seagrass would have dire consequences on the ecosystems in this part of the ocean and the Balearic Islands themselves, whose coasts depend on the seagrass which protects the islands from erosion.
Boats atop of Posidonia meadows

The Solution

In order to save the Posidonia, IPF and partners launched this project and placed technology at the core of the scheme. By using high-tech equipment, the team have been able to map out the Posidonia meadows that surround the islands. By generating an outline of the meadows, it will be easier to monitor and survey the health of the Posidonia.

The team are also building a mobile app which will be able to provide seafarers, both recreational and occupational, with the interactive map of the Posidonia meadows in hopes that they can actively avoid anchoring on the grasses.

Love Brand is honoured to support the IPF with this vital project that is utilising modern tools to protect a historic species. Our exclusive print, Posidonia y El Mar is inspired by the incredible impact that this small marine plant has. Its incredible ability to produce vast amounts of oxygen in relation to its size is a wonder, awarding it the epithet ‘The Lungs of the Sea’. The print plays with this narrative, weaving blades of Posidonia into a lung-like structure that is repeated in our signature Aruba Cay hue.

When you purchase this print, or any other Love Brand product, you are directly contributing to conservation projects such as this. Your support is so appreciated, and we have no doubt that together we can make strides when it comes to protecting the natural world.



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