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A Tour of Trancoso

The long golden stretch of coastline that runs from Recife to the Rio Grande is a treasure trove of hidden beaches and settlements that blossom with as much colour as the metropolis of Rio. One of our favourite towns is Trancoso, a concealed burg nestled on the South American shore.

Pearly Whites

Those who do know of Trancoso will remember this part of Brazil for its beamingly golden sand beaches that stretch out towards the ocean, where just beyond the shallows lie intricate coral reefs that house a variety of fish and turtle species. But Trancoso is so much more than crisp white beaches that seem infinite, this town is a treasure trove of Brazilian colour and culture.

A Cultural Celebration

The core part of historical Trancoso is made up of small houses that line grassy knolls and sit beneath almond trees, each one a different colour, from reds to blues to purples, the houses are a jigsaw of peeling pastels and paints. The architecture reflects the vibrancy and exuberance of its people, whose attitude is to celebrate life as it comes, without rush, without madness, life is to be adored.
A Tour of Trancoso
“There is no urgency here, making it an ideal getaway for those escaping the hysteria of city life”.
A Tour of Trancoso
Small boutique shops open at midday, cafés serve up refreshing cocktails and visitors are embraced like family; there is no urgency here, making it an ideal getaway for those escaping the hysteria of city life. Evenings here are spent at the local bar, under a blanket of stars and string lights hidden in the trees, beers are handed around and stories are told as the music swells into the skies. The city centre, the historic heart of Trancoso, is familiarised as ‘Quadrado’ meaning square in Portuguese, it has a charmingly quaint quality to it, often filled with the cries of laughing children who take a break from school with the kick of a ball.

El Gordo

Have lunch at El Gordo or stop here for an evening drink to watch the sun set. With its rooftop pool and bar setting, it is the perfect location to see above the tree tops that sprawl beyond this small town. Light linens hang from the wooden pergola that shades tables and chairs, and at night the restaurant lights up with warm amber bulbs that create a buzzing relaxed atmosphere. Slip into your Love Brand Staniel Swim Shorts for a quick dip under the stars, before heading to dinner.
A Tour of Trancoso
The UXUA Hotel is a slice of luxury in this mostly bohemian, authentic town. UXUA is unique in its adoration for the history of Trancoso, with the majority of its Casas dating back to 500 years ago when this small town was initially founded. With a focus on sustainability and the Trancoso culture, UXUA blends both together to create an effortlessly magical utopia.

Wandering beneath palm trees, guests float from the pool to the bar to the spa, absorbing the sun that flecks through the leaves of the South American jungle. Even as this magical part of South America grows in popularity, it is quite clear that its traditions have not been lost, and still they hold firm in tales told and dances danced. The best time of the year to visit is from December to March when the weather is beautifully warm, and the rainfall holds off. And if you choose to go in March, ensure you go to the Festival Música em Trancoso and indulge your senses with the sounds of jazz, classical and Brazilian music in the contemporary Teatro L’Occitane (built and designed by Francois Valentiny).

Trancoso is a spirited town on Brazil's coast, a pocket of traditional culture that is interlaced with beautiful architecture, golden beaches and rounds of inventive citrus cocktails. A laid-back vibe emanates from this town, bringing in guests from around the world and welcoming them into its ‘quadrado’ of paradise.


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