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Celebrating Father's Day Around the World

Father's Day 2024 father and son wear Love Brand linen shirts

Celebrate Father's Day with our ultimate gift guide and let's dive into the history of the day and explore the different Father's Day traditions from around the world.

Father’s Day is celebrated in most countries, including the UK on the third Sunday of June. Looking for ideas for presents? We’ve created a handy gift guide. Find matching family swimwear for father, son and daughter, as well as soft summer linen shirts that make for the ideal gift. With all the excitement, we started thinking about what Father’s Day means to people around the world, how it’s celebrated, and how it all got started…
Father and son wearing Love Brand shorts

Left Boys Sea Flowers Staniel Swim Shorts, right Men's Golden Hour Abaco Linen Shirt and Men's Riviera Green Holmes Terry Short

Who Invented Father’s Day?

Cast your mind back to the early 20th century - a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd sits in a church pew watching a Mother's Day sermon. Inspired by the sermon, her thoughts turn to her own father, a Civil War veteran who single-handedly raised her and her five siblings after their mother passed away during childbirth. Determined to honour her father's dedication, she envisioned a day celebrating all father figures. 

Her dream took shape on June 19, 1910, marking the first official Father’s Day, chosen to coincide with her father’s birth month. Fast forward to 1972, and President Richard Nixon signed it into law as a national holiday in the US, with the UK following suit the same year. Thanks to Sonora’s heartfelt mission, we now have a special day to celebrate and appreciate fathers everywhere!


How Is Father’s Day Celebrated Around the World?


Germany’s Father’s Day coincides with Ascension Day and is celebrated with a twist. It’s all about the ‘Gentlemen’s parties,’ where groups of men gather to revel in good company, food, and drink. Medieval-style wagons brimming with beer and food can often be seen being carted through the streets. Needless to say, many German men take the following day off work as the hangovers rival that of Oktoberfest...

Father's Day Germany

German Father's Day cart - image courtesy of Oddities and Ends


Thailand takes a unique approach by celebrating Father’s Day on December 5th, the birthday of the beloved late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who is considered the father of the nation. It’s a national holiday which sees schools and businesses close. Historically, children would honour their fathers and grandfathers by presenting them with a canna flower, which resembles a lily, however, this is less common today.


Known as chichi no hi in Japan, Father’s Day is celebrated in a similar way to the UK and USA. Gift-giving and spending time with dad are the main focus. Popular gifts include sweets such as wagashi, handmade beer glasses, as well as clothing (we think our linen shirts would go down a treat). A good family meal always gets the job done too.


Imagine yourself in the heart of Italy, where Festa del Papà bursts into life on March 19, coinciding with St. Joseph’s feast day. The vibrant Italian spirit fills the air, where family and food reign supreme. In true Italian style, the festivities revolve around a sumptuous feast that tantalises the taste buds. The beloved zeppole di San Giuseppe, traditional cream-filled pastries crafted specially for St. Joseph’s Day, are often brought out to finish. These delectable treats, with their rich, velvety centres and light, airy dough, epitomise the joy and flavour of the occasion.

Zeppole di San Giuseppe
Zeppole di San Giuseppe - image courtesy of Sip and Feast


In Brazil, Father’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of August in honour of St. Joachim, the father of Mary and patron saint of fathers and grandfathers. To celebrate, children often get creative preparing a homemade present at school on the Friday before Father’s Day. They also give written notes of gratitude to Dad; it's a heartwarming tradition that brings families closer together! 


In the Hindu belief, fathers are generally regarded as teachers and protectors. The day dedicated to fathers in Nepal is called Kushe Aunsi and there are a few unique rituals associated with it. A big one is the act of bringing kusha grass, a sacred plant into the home. Kusha grass, or Kush, is believed to absorb bad vibrations in the atmosphere and cleanse anything it comes into contact with. As well as this, the usual delicacies and clothing gifts are given to Dad.


In Mexico, Father’s Day is a time of excitement and community spirit. Every year, Mexico City hosts the thrilling Carrera Día del Padre, a 21km race where fathers, sons, and daughters run together, raising funds to protect the forests. Running to protect the forests is definitely an idea we can get behind! As well as the racing, the usual cards, chocolates, and artwork go down a treat with Dad.

Father and son wearing matching Love Brand swim shortsFather and son wearing matching LOVE BRAND & Co. Elephant Palace Blue Swim Shorts

Wherever you are in the world and however you're celebrating this year, we're wishing you a very happy Father's Day from all of us here at Love Brand!


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