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LUX* North Male Atoll | Redefining Maldives Luxury

LUX* North Male Atoll resort
Considered an “era-shaping resort’’, Lux* North Male Atoll redefines Maldives luxury. It's nestled on the small island of Olhahali, accessed only by private speedboat or seaplane. LUX* North Male Atoll is a remote luxury resort, mastered in a whole new way. Forget traditional thatched-roofed villas and instead think of penthouse paradise coupled with contemporary and forward-thinking design. It’s the perfect destination for any trendsetting travellers, looking for modern luxury.
LUX* North Male Atoll Maldives
With a choice of 1-bedroom to 3-bedroom villas, each is spectacularly designed and dedicated to the finer details. Gaze over the lagoon at sunset with your own private rooftop deck or take a dip in the infinity pool that effortlessly blends into the warm, azure waters of the Indian Ocean below.

Looking for something a little snazzier for the evening? This is sorted too as guests can transform their own penthouse deck into a secret cinema beneath the stars. Miami meets the Maldives in this one-of-a-kind, contemporary, chic paradise. It’s an innovative luxurious resort, radiating an ethos that considers its surroundings and takes sustainability seriously. This autumn we have gained an exclusive opportunity to have our very own pop-up boutique at LUX*.
LUX* North Male Atoll Maldives Love Brand Pop UpLOVE BRAND & Co. Pop-Up


What conservation work is LUX* North Male Atoll currently involved in?

"We believe that time is finite; every moment matters. This is not only important when it comes to our guests but also our precious environment which we all call home. Global Warming is a fact of life. But something has to be done, and we intend to do everything we can to protect the breathtaking environment that hosts our resort. That is why we have taken a voluntary stand to invest in projects that will meet the challenges of sustainable tourism head-on. The island boasts a thriving house reef which is accessible from all residences. There are sandbanks, dive sites and surf spots only a 5 to 40-minute speedboat transfer away. The preservation of the Maldivian reefs has become more important than ever. LUX* North Male Atoll’s resident Marine Biologist is leading the coral regeneration in the region in partnership with other marine conservation groups, participating in debris and ghost net clean-up along with plastic-free initiatives."
LUX* North Male Atoll Maldives

Tell us about the paradise that is LUX* North Male Atoll and its ethos. What sets it apart?

"LUX* North Male Atoll is an era-defining luxury resort in the Maldives with dazzling residences. A true penthouse paradise retreat. Surrounded by a vibrant house-reef, the 6-hectare natural island is located only a 60-minute speedboat or a 15-minute seaplane transfer from Velana International Airport. The resort features 67 double-storey penthouse villas with private pools, spacious sun decks and rooftop terraces either on the beach or over the water, with a minimum of 351 sqm. Gorgeous contemporary, two-story overwater and beach villas, each decked with a private rooftop and infinity pool blend seamlessly with the turquoise lagoon. LUX* North Male Atoll is an all-inclusive resort featuring luxurious details and a fresh perspective on the Maldives landscape. Guests can experience the very best of conscious luxury, each villa features a private butler, large pool and an expansive rooftop Sky-Lounge, for indoor-outdoor living and the first of its kind in the Maldives. World-renowned scuba diving, snorkelling and high-adrenaline sports are available at the resort. Whether dining under the sea in the wall-to-wall aquarium at The Barium private dining room, chic Beach Rouge, or INTI with its Peruvian and Japanese cuisine, guests can expect to see luxurious yet eco-friendly décor choices throughout. Our purpose is to help guests celebrate life, in a lighter, brighter way. This is the Maldives elevated and reimagined."

Why should our audience fall in love with the Indian Ocean?

"There is something incredibly special about the Indian Ocean. Nowhere else have I experienced warm hospitality and personalised service like you can experience in the Maldives and around the Indian Ocean. It truly is a special part of the world. After many years working around the world, I have found the most joy in the Indian Ocean. Anyone who has explored for some time or is visiting for the first time will be blown away by the beauty, diversity and friendly welcoming nature of the island nations. In particular, the Maldives, which I am so fortunate to call my home."
LUX* North Male Atoll Maldives

Like LOVE BRAND & Co. LUX* North Male Atoll has been created with a deep connection to the environment in mind, how does this manifest itself?

"LUX* North Male Atoll cares deeply for the environment and naturally we care about the quality of our guest experience – after all, we’re dedicated to celebrating life! We intend to do everything we can to protect the breathtaking environment that hosts our resort. This deep connection with the environment has helped us to manifest projects that will meet the challenges of sustainable tourism. LUX* North Male Atoll has implemented many initiatives under our ‘Tread Lightly’ initiative to reduce our carbon footprint. From renewable energy projects including carbon offsetting, water-saving devices, energy management systems, LED light retrofits, locally sourced water with in-house bottling, towel and linen reuse, paper-reduction technology and much more. Traditional thatched roofs have been replaced by white-washed double-story designs featuring solar roof panelling, energy-saving cooling systems, recycling systems to reduce waste and eco-friendly water heating systems. In fact, all hot water across the island will be generated solely by recycling water to create steam."
LUX* North Male Atoll Maldives
"Another initiative which is close to our hearts is the opportunity for guests to adopt an endangered Olive Ridley Turtle in collaboration with The Olive Ridley Project, a UK registered charity. As part of our initiatives to involve guests in our conservation projects, we have included a percentage from each guest booking for the Luxury Surf Safari and Beginner’s Surf Camp to go towards supporting the project. This is just another reason for guests to feel they add value while making a positive difference during their Maldives stay."
LUX* North Male Atoll MaldivesLUX* North Male Atoll Maldives

The appreciation of nature is core to both brands, what does it mean to you and why is it so important?

"Nature is a vital part of LUX* North Male Atoll and we make it our priority to protect and preserve the beautiful environment which we call home. We are surrounded by a vibrant house-reef, a 6-hectare natural island and thriving marine life; it is vital we put in place initiatives to keep the environment healthy and flourishing. One of our key resort values is responsibility of leadership and this is also imperative in all that we do towards sustainability."

Having a brand with a greater purpose is so important now, why do you believe that luxury should have a greater responsibility?

"I believe that more than anything, our guests wish to take away unforgettable experiences from their stay. Our main purpose is to help them celebrate life in a lighter, brighter way. Luxury is more than a luxury holiday experience in the finest resort in the Maldives, it is also about the people, the service and the small details which come together to make an exceptional experience. Guests can expect to see glass bottles, plastic-free straw options and eco-friendly décor choices throughout the resort. We are committed to protecting the environment in all that we do. Our guests often love to get involved and know more about our sustainability initiatives. We take pride in involving our guests as much as we can in all that we do on the island, so they may feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment while helping us in our sustainable projects."
LUX* North Male Atoll Maldives

What is your definition of sustainability and being environmentally aware?

For me, the definition of sustainability and being environmentally aware is to have a deep connection with the environment and the nature that surrounds us and in doing so we can manifest projects that will go above and beyond to meet the challenges of sustainable tourism. Our corporate sustainability committee are consistently working across the group to implement environmental and energy-saving initiatives including our Energy Management Systems (EMS), Carbon Management Strategies, laundry reduction, and countless others. We are committed to this cause and will continue to invest in new technologies that help reduce carbon emissions.

You are setting a precedent in eco-tourism, what do you hope for the future?

While we can’t promise clear skies, we are working towards a carbon-neutral future with a little help from our guests. We care about the environment and the communities that host us, locally and globally, so we’re doing our best to ‘Tread Lightly’ by offsetting 100% of the carbon emitted during our guest's stay. This is one of many measures devised by our dedicated Green Committee to leave a lighter footprint on the world around us. We are committed to our causes and will continue to invest in new technologies that help reduce carbon emissions. We are striving towards a brighter, cleaner future, and with 'Tread Lightly' we hope you will be excited to join us.

Anything else the brand might like to highlight or speak about?

We love surprising our guests with pop-up treats and we have created a unique selection of special experiences that we believe are some of the reasons guests love to stay at our beautiful resort. From an ice cream cart, alfresco cinema set up under the stars on their private Sky Lounge above their villa, tailored wellness programmes, barista-prepared organic coffee, freshly roasted and blended on-site. All of our unique experiences reflect our spontaneous side, and a desire to celebrate moments that create memories.


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