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Six Senses Laamu | Sustainability and the Sublime

Six Senses Laamu resort
Looking for action and adventure? Or to escape and unwind? Look no further than the palm-fringed paradise of Six Senses Laamu. This forward-thinking resort on the exquisite Southern Laamu in the Maldives will be sure to satisfy any beach craving. 
Six Senses Laamu Maldives
Serving up sublime scenery with an inspiring mindset towards sustainability, come with us as we slide away to Six Senses Laamu and learn how they are shaping wellness and sustainability into the heart of everything they do. With its eco-agenda, it has been regarded as one of the best hotels in the Maldives, especially for the conscious traveller.
Six Senses Laamu Maldives
“What sets us apart is that being in such an untouched area of the nation, we have a great responsibility to preserve its natural beauty and care for our local community.” Six Senses explains how ingraining these values of sustainability and wellness are the underpinning solutions to help preserve and care for the fragile ecosystem and communities that are touched by this understated island paradise. Being a winning resort for wellness by Condé Nast Traveller, be sure to book in your spa treatments and discover your ‘dosha’. This resort doesn’t follow fads, instead, they combine their own smart tech, with you in mind. Ensuring that every guest receives a personalised spa treatment or programme designed around them.

Six Senses Laamu Maldives

Working on global issues at a local level

The Atolls in the Maldives are the 7th largest reef system in the world and the largest in the Indian Ocean. Marine life is plentiful over here. The Maldives contain over a quarter of the world’s known hard coral species and almost a fifth of all coral reef fish. There's also an abundance of charismatic ocean giants like manta rays and whale sharks, ass well as some of our most endangered species like green and hawksbill sea turtles. The resort informed us that “not only are these coral reefs home to a magnificent array of marine life but they are the actual foundation of every island and they act as natural barriers and protect the low-lying islands from the eroding forces of the sea. They also provide the environmental setting for the country’s most lucrative industry: tourism”. With its Marine Biology team, the resort has taken it upon itself to launch its own Underwater Initiative. The “mission to protect Laamu’s marine ecosystems for generations to come, and to empower our community and guests to do the same” comes from 10 marine researchers, educators, and communicators from the resort and their partner NGOs, the Manta Trust, Blue Marine Foundation, and the Olive Ridley Project.Six Senses Laamu MaldivesSix Senses Laamu Maldives
The resort has pledged to be plastic-free by 2022 and is striving towards zero waste. Creating a deep connection with the environment, they believe in addressing global issues at a local level. Sun-seeking guests at Six Senses Laamu also appreciate their sustainable values and choose to support “a responsible business that is going beyond just running a hotel, but also giving back to the community, protecting the environment, and providing authentic experiences”.
Six Senses Laamu Maldives
Six Senses Laamu explained “plastic pollution is a threat to both human and ecosystem health. The ultimate goal is to reduce our guests, hosts, local communities, and wildlife’s exposure to this fossil-fuel-based, toxic material.” Plastic waste at the resort has been inventoried, alternatives have been sourced, and suppliers have been engaged. The hotel is transitioning to natural, composable materials where possible, and to high-quality, reusable materials where not”. From zero plastic to the perfect catch, the resort goes to great lengths to ensure that all the fish served in the various dining spots on the island (six in total) is sustainably sourced and that the fishermen reap the rewards from sticking to their sustainable fishing practices.

Dine around with Six Senses

The focus on sourcing the best ingredients doesn’t stop there. Six Senses Laamu told us that “every Six Senses property has a garden or farm to produce as much food as possible on-site. Reduced transportation miles, carbon emissions, and packaging are all benefits of growing fresh produce. Our Leaf Garden is located adjacent to Leaf Restaurant where our produce is served just a few hours after harvesting. Also, nearby is the Chili Table and Kukulhu Village, home to our flock of feathered friends”. When the sun sets on this Island, it’s time to head over to ‘the Chill Bar’. Celebrated for “signature cocktails washed ashore and never left at this magical over-water setting ranged over several levels. Our resident DJ tempts you to put on your dancing shoes.” Make sure to pack something from Love Brand to enjoy those warm long evenings. From our mens 100% organic linen wear to our edit of this season's best beach dresses you can rely on us. Sundowners done. Head up to Zen to dine on some Japanese classics from Chill Bar’s top deck that looks out over the ocean.
Six Senses Laamu Maldives
Six Senses Laamu hope that more businesses can harness the potential they have to be a force for good, far into the future. “Our wish is that in the wake of all that has happened, more people will realise the importance of conservation, sustainability, and wellness; more people will choose to travel to places which leave them in awe and full of gratitude for nature’s beauty; and more people will work with companies and organisations that inspire them to act in their personal lives to make the world a better place. In pursuit of making this wish a reality, we commit to continuously inspiring others, continuously driving action, and continuously spreading these important messages of wellness, sustainability, and conservation within our spheres of influence and beyond”.

Images courtesy of Six Senses Laamu