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Where to Eat In Marrakech


Love at first bite

Morocco is a palace of taste, each way you turn, there are spices and herbs intense with flavour. So if you’re off to Marrakech for a magical weekend getaway, here are three of our favourite spots to grab a bite.


Nomad is a vibrant restaurant with low-hanging modern lights, deep accents of yellow, large angled mirrors and a cool contemporary bar space. Chatter fills the air as guests move in the space, passing drinks and kissing the air as meals arrive at tables. Tables are decorated with flowers and the seats are arranged with colourful woven pillows, adding a colourful and ethnic twist to this modern restaurant.
Nomad Marrakech
Nomad has a variety of seating options; at the bar, inside, on the first outdoor terrace, and on the rooftop. The outdoor seating fills up quickly so be sure to book a reservation and bag yourself the best seat in the house. The Menu at Nomad pulls the traditional flavours of Morocco and combines them with a modern, hip attitude.

We’d recommend the Lamb Burger, which is effortlessly filled with Moroccan spices, just hinting at some heat which runs through crispy potatoes and pairs well with the refreshing rocket salad. The views from the terraces are of those of the souk below, blush-coloured and dusty from the evening sun.

Nomad is the ideal place to settle in for true Moroccan taste, luxurious yet authentic. Cool yet traditional. This is a restaurant with an injection of attitude and style and a place not to miss.

Le Jardin

Le Jardin is an emerald treasure. Signposts to this haven are posted throughout the souk, so like following the yellow brick road, you will eventually find yourself at its secluded tiny black door, leading you to an oasis of nature.
Le Jardin Marrakech
Colourful canaries swing beneath the trees singing their songs, as French music whistles above, immersing guests in a tropical fever of tranquillity. Canvas umbrellas stand tall beside cast iron tables, bamboo shoots up from the earth, concealing small seating areas so guests can chatter away in peace over a cup of mint tea.

Light trickles down into Le Jardin, dappling the green tiled floor with dancing shadows, so beautifully quiet you can hardly believe you are in the middle of the souk. A garden haven, so well balanced, so perfectly elegant. Ideal for a light lunch and a place to tuck away with a book as you nibble at fresh fruit.

If nature is what calls your soul, pop over to Le Jardin, and we promise you will not be disappointed.

Max & Jan Marrakech

Images courtesy of The Golden Bun

Max & Jan

Effortlessly cool concept boutique Max & Jan is one of our most treasured spots in Marrakech. It is supremely cool and holds a treasure trove of innovative designs from garments, ceramics, skincare, candles and home decor. You cannot step into this funky world without wanting to buy everything in sight, so perhaps wise to pop to a cash point beforehand! One can spend hours wandering this store, perusing tables to ceramics, trying on luxuriously soft cotton pyjamas and watching in-store the way in which their expensive rugs are hand woven.

We spent more time than we planned here and worked up quite an appetite, so it was a heavenly sign to see that Max & Jan have their own soul food restaurant on their eclectic rooftop.

Max & Jan injects a youthful playfulness into the souks, their rainbow-coloured tiles sprawling their floors and funky techno music energising the space. The rooftop is a bohemian refuge, where straw string lights crisscross and straw table umbrellas shade colourful tables. Fabric rugs are thrown over the walls and over seats, creating a laid-back, authentic vibe. Prints, patterns and colours lace this restaurant, salivating our senses from sight to sound. This magical Medina restaurant offers up a variety of dishes, some traditionally Moroccan and others of a more Western style, such as the lamb chops with potato gratin. Max & Jan is an unfolding utopia of delicious food and positive, vibrant energy. Pop here for a yoga class and a spot of lunch, the bohemian energy is infectious and will have you wanting more.