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Cotton Peak Cap - 'The Matriarchy' Coral Pink


Soft cotton peak cap featuring ‘The Matriarchy’ ribbon embroidery on the front and ‘The Great Elephant Migration’ on the reverse. Crafted from premium cotton-twill fabric with a stylish leather strap and brass adjuster making it ideal for any size. Available in coral pink and sky blue.

The Great Elephant Migration is a global fundraising adventure that aims to amplify Indigenous knowledge to inspire human-wildlife coexistence.

The elephant sculptures provide financial stability and pride to 200 members of indigenous communities, making it India's largest sustainable indigenous enterprise. 

Additionally, The Great Elephant Migration supports conservation NGOs and tackles invasive plant species in South India’s Protected Areas. The project shreds these invasive weeds, turning them into eco-friendly biochar. By the end of 2025, it aims to sequester 2625 tons of carbon and create more than 500 jobs for indigenous communities.

LOVE BRAND & Co. is proud to be the official merchandise partner of The Great Elephant Migration. We are donating 50% of all profits from The Great Elephant Migration capsule collection back to the project to fund vital research & development in saving endangered wildlife.

Cotton Peak Cap - 'The Matriarchy' Coral Pink


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The Great Elephant Migration

LOVE BRAND & Co. are the proud Official Merchandise Partner for The Great Elephant Migration.

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Official Merchandise Partner

The Great Elephant Migration

The Great Elephant Migration is a global fundraising adventure and collaboration involving indigenous artisans, contemporary artists, and cultural institutions. The Great Elephant Migration aims to raise millions of dollars to support projects promoting human-wildlife coexistence and to protect migratory animals that embark on spectacular journeys across land, rivers, and oceans.

Donating 50%

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Each sale of the official merchandise gives 50% directly to Elephant Family USA to fund vital research & development in saving endangered wildlife.