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Since day one, LOVE BRAND & Co. has committed a percentage of revenues - not profits - to helping save wild elephants from extinction. LOVE BRAND & Co. is proudly part of '1% For The Planet', a movement of businesses supporting environmental solutions. We proudly work with inspirational wildlife charities and environmental funds. Together our mission is to ensure the survival of wild elephants and all endangered species and habitats.

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saving elephants since 2010


Our brand and mission started by donating 5% of our company revenues to Elephant Family, a British charity conserving endangered Asian elephants. 5% was a number reached by Oliver Tomalin, Founder of LOVE BRAND & Co., when he calculated how he could donate a meaningful amount to his charity on the modest revenue forecast of his start-up clothing brand. This model and promise enabled the brand to build strong relationships with its charity partners and it became credible with its customers and fans. Over nearly a decade, as the company grew, the 5% number started to work against Oliver rather than with him as 5% of a small number became less than 1% of a larger. 

The brand was at an impasse; Oliver knew in order to grow and continue to help elephants, the company needed to rethink its model. Perhaps taking what felt like a step back - in order to take a giant leap forward - in 2020, Oliver decided to join 1% For The Planet. A movement of businesses supporting environmental solutions. This was a model that worked for much larger and inspirational companies that Oliver admired. 1% is a number that is enabling LOVE BRAND to focus and scale up and ultimately make the most positive impact to help elephants and other endangered species. This is a promise, Oliver and his brand have never wavered from. 

LOVE BRAND & Co. does not just donate but rather becomes actively involved in the promotion of their work, through print design and customer education. Oliver and the team visit their projects and use the LOVE BRAND platform as much as possible for the overall benefit of elephants and the natural world.

“ Tusk is enormously grateful to Love Brand for its valuable and longstanding support.”

Charlie Mayhew, CEO Tusk Trust

"Irresistibly aesthetic and fiercely devoted to protecting earth's wildlife"

Roan Carr-Hartley, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust