Since day one, we have proudly supported elephant conservation projects with our charity partners.

We are currently "Helping Dulu" by funding his conservation work to mitigate the Human-Elephant Conflict in the Karbi Foothills in Assam, India. In the last 100 years, the Asian elephant population has decreased by 90% and without urgent help they could be totally extinct in the wild in the next few decades. 

In partnership with Elephant Family, Dulu has rescued over 2,500 animals over the last three decades, including elephants, leopards, bear cubs and pangolins, as well as establishing a network of informers across the region whom alert him to animals in distress. Alongside the protection of the animals, Dulu runs a rehabilitation centre to ensure injured animals are released back into the wild with the best possible chance of survival.

Please visit our YouTube page to watch the full video we created of our trip to Assam. 


In addition to our ongoing devotion to wild elephants, we support projects conserving other endangered species and habitats. We are currently championing a rare gecko on the brink of extinction in the Caribbean, The Union Island Gecko. 

The Union Island gecko is endemic to Union Island in St.Vincent and the Grenadines. The species is critically endangered due to poaching and the illegal wildlife trade supplying international rare reptile collectors. The other main threat is habitat loss due to local development and pollution. The tiny but mighty gecko is so small it was only discovered in 2015 and since then become the most heavily exploited reptile from the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean.We are supporting The St.Vincent and the Grenadines Environment Fund in their efforts to mitigate these threats and protect the Union Island Gecko's 130 acre forest habitat and therefore helping ensure its survival on earth. This project has inspired our "Going Gecko" printed swim short and linen shirts, click to view our Gecko collection. 

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