Our Story

Our story began in 2010 when Founder, Oliver Tomalin, was motivated by the notion that elephants could be extinct in his lifetime. So when deciding to start a mens swimwear brand, Oliver dedicated it to saving elephants. The original concept, he coined as “Trunks for Trunks.” 

Oliver trained as an architect and is passionate about all arts. He designs every aspect of the brand, from the collections and prints, to the branding and our digital and physical brand experiences.

"By combining previously unrelated matrices, such as fashion and conservation, we are creating a new win-win. Our conservation projects are enriched by our brand, and likewise our brand is enriched by our purpose in conservation." 

A love of conservation and travel is in our brand DNA. Oliver and his wife Rose, have a love of wildlife and travel, with family connections to South Africa and the Bahamas. The couple naming their products after Bahamian cays, for example our 'Staniel' Swim Shorts. 

Since day one, LOVE BRAND & Co. has proudly committed 5% of our company revenue to helping conservation projects around the world. These projects have helped shape and define and what we are as a brand and inspired many of Oliver’s designs.