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Indian Ocean | An Introduction

image of a beach in the Indian ocean
With dazzling white sand and glittering turquoise waters, the Indian Ocean is easily one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. It’s no wonder that people who are looking for their next unforgettable holiday are travelling straight there to find it.
Indian OceanImage courtesy of North Island
Home to irresistibly idyllic islands, the Indian Ocean offers endless oceanfront escapes for laid-back beach-goers. It also offers the opportunity for the more wandering spirits to take a journey of discovery and exploration into the stunning scenery and the abundance of wildlife that call it home. Strap yourself in and expect to be wowed as we embark on an Indian Ocean journey, visiting some of the most luxurious island escapes, leading resorts and eco-retreats. Island hopping from the Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius and more, we want to leave no stone unturned when uncovering the region’s truths.
Indian Ocean
Being the world’s third largest ocean, the Indian Ocean covers 20% of the earth’s surface. This picture-perfect and precious ocean is under increasing pressure from pollution, habitat degradation and over-exploitation. The islands of the Indian Ocean have been referred to as the “laboratories of evolution”. Focusing on what is being done to ease this pressure and reverse its degradation has been our motivation in uncovering this region’s best-kept secrets and celebrating the wondrous wildlife.
Indian OceanImage courtesy of National Geographic
In order to help safeguard ocean species, habitats and livelihoods against over-fishing and the effects of climate change. The Seychelles has an initiative of designating 30% of its waters, a region larger than Germany, as marine protected areas. All of our chosen destinations in the Seychelles are fully committed to this initiative and are considered leaders in sustainable luxury, redefining paradise for the world’s conscious travellers. In the Maldives, Soneva Fushi’s launch of the Soneva Namoona Project is a significant force for good which is based on a pledge to stop all open-burning of waste, by creating an ‘eco-centro’ waste-to-wealth centre that will sort, recycle and reuse island waste. These types of eco-initiatives coupled with wildlife conversation, such as North Island’s Hawksbill and green turtle monitoring, aim to turn back the ecological clock and nurture positive change.
Indian OceanImage courtesy of North Island
The area is home to endless atolls and beaches, utterly unflawed, such as the Seychelles’ Anse Source d’Argent. This beach has earned a reputation for being one of the most photographed beaches in the world due to its postcard perfection. Its elephant-like granite boulders frame a scene of the azure sea that is so beautiful it beggars belief.
Indian OceanImage courtesy of This Island Life

From the Seas to the Skies

We will be investigating and celebrating the abundance of wildlife in and around the islands. From the coral reefs that hug the coastlines to the thousands of species of fish that call these warm waters home. We will be highlighting the rays, turtles, whales, seals and sharks as well as the high number of endemic birds in the region.
Indian OceanImage courtesy of British Photography Awards
So, make sure not to miss out on this unforgettable journey through the islands of the Indian Ocean. A remarkable region, that is waiting to be unwrapped.